Wednesday 9 May 2012

Who took my baby?

Leo is fastly approaching 11 whole months old, and he will be 1 before I know it. I sit here wondering where that tiny baby boy has gone...You know, the one I brought home from hospital all those months ago.

He has just disappeared. He was there one day and the next he had been replaced with this beautiful boy with a larger than life persona. The most cheekiest chappy you could hope to meet, with nothing but trouble on his mind.

Leo has taken to climbing, much to my horror of course...If he can escape the living room he makes a bee line for the stairs, and he has no problem getting all the way to the top (watched very closely by myself), if he can't quite escape...Well he can climb everything he likes these days, even me if the need arises.

This morning I caught him climbing on the side of his ball pool, just so he could reach the television on/off button. He knows he shouldn't be doing it as when I ran over to him, he shot me a smile that spoke a thousand words, pretty much telling me he was going to do it despite my reservations.

Leo is becoming more confident on his feet everyday, he would much rather stand than sit and there have been a few instances over the past few days, where he has even stood un-supported for a couple of seconds. He just seems to take everything in his stride and he is always on the look out for the next new thing he can do. I guess he is finally seeing the world the right way up and walking will be the best way to see the wonders that await him.

Next month is Leo's birthday, June the 27th. I find it hard to believe a year has almost passed since Leo made his way into our lives. He has enriched every single day, and I find it incredibly hard to remember a time before Leo. It is amazing seeing how he has developed and grown over the past 10 and a bit months...and I can't believe I am going to be Mummy to a One year old.

Daddy and I have started making birthday preparations, and hastily getting lot's of special presents together. What I really want for Leo is a wooden playhouse. I know I am perhaps re-living my childhood through my beautiful boy, as this is something I always wanted...and never got, but I am so excited at the prospect!

This playhouse is going to be something Leo can grow into and play make believe games, while enjoying the great outdoors. It is going to look amazing. It is going to be something he can share with his cousin as he or she grows up. At 12 months he may be a little young for it, but as he has demonstrated, he is growing up so quickly and it won't be long before he is ready to play!

I of course don't have the money for such a extravagant present at this moment in time, so until that first pay cheque comes in July, Leo will be busily enjoying all of his other presents that we have put to one side. Watch this space though...As Leo will be happily playing in his play house before you know it.

I am going to kit this house out, and it is going to be a toy haven. The walls will be wall papered and the floor will be carpeted. It will have a little sofa inside on the upper floor and a John Crane Kitchen at the heart. Yes I know...I really am re-living my childhood, but I think as Leo grows he is going to get so much play value out of this. I would much rather encourage his imagination and help him make his own games, than sit him in front of the television all day long. I grew up playing outside and using my imagination, and I want to give Leo this gift too.


  1. Love the idea of a playhouse, how much fun would that be! My sister and i had one when we were younger and my brothers used to love playing in it too :)xxx

    1. It will be great fun, and I know I am going to love making it all look fab inside! Cannot wait to furnish it. I am the biggest kid at heart!

      Aw that is so cute, must have been great fun!
      Lovely memories :-) xx

  2. what a lovely play house. can imagine hours of fun. Harrys got a play kicthen and he loves it, really helps with there imagination i think x

    1. I love make believe play where they can make up their own games and use their imaginations. There is so much electrical stuff today that they don't get outside to play enough. So I cannot think of a better plan!

      I bet he loves the kitchen! I want one for Leo. Will be perfect to keep in the house to save space in the house :-)

  3. I would love to get Mads a play house as well, I had one as a little girl and I loved it. I decorated it like a proper little house. xx

    1. We are all kid's at heart! I think we would get just the same amount of play value out of it as them!

      I figure if I plan on spending a few hundred on a house, I might as well do it while he is young and get the full use out of it :-) xx

  4. I love your playhouse idea! I've had birthday gifts on my mind too as Elsie's birthday is fast approaching too. I can't believe how quickly its all gone!


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