Wednesday 30 May 2012

The Gummee Glove Review

A few weeks ago, Leo and I attended the Birmingham Baby Show. There was such a good turn out and many friendly faces greeting us as we took a walk around. It was here at the Baby Show, that I came accross The Gummee Glove.

Walking around the show, I soon began to see babies in their strollers with a Mitt on their hands. They were all chewing away at this mystery item and looked very pleased with themselves. It was not long before I found out all about the the Gummee Glove and just how unique it is.

The Gummee Glove is a brand new innovative teething toy with a twist that has been invented by Jodine Boothby. The twist of the Gummee Glove being that it is actually a Mitt that attaches to your babies hand, eliminating any chance of baby dropping the toy on the floor when you turn your back for that single moment in time.

The moment that they usually decide to hurtle anything any everything in their little grasp to the floor.

It is a well known fact that babies up to the age of around 6 months old can not hold a teething toy independently. This results in parents holding teething toys to the mouths of their babies to minimise the chance of the toy falling to the floor. We all know the mission that un-folds when a toy is dropped in those early days....Cleaning the toy back up and popping it in the steriliser, all the while baby is becoming more agitated at not having the toy back as quickly as they would like...

The design of the Gummee Glove eliminates this from happening full stop, and once the glove has been slipped onto babies hand, they are ready to gum and roll!

Jodine had just launched the Gummee Glove at the Baby Show. Jodine shared her hard work and brand new product with all the Mummy's and Daddy's contending with their teething babies. Giving them a refreshing option to the age old problem...

How did the Gummee Glove come to be?

Jodine was changing her sons nappy in the nursery while musing over possible solutions to combat her baby boy's teething. Jimmy (Jodine's son) was wearing anti-scratch mitts and at that moment in time was about 9 weeks old. Jodine noticed that Jimmy was sucking and chewing one of his scratch mittens.

That was the eureka moment!

It was such a simple solution, a teething Mitt... it didn't occur to Jodine that it didn't already exist. After a shopping trip turned up no teething Mitt's, Jodine's thoughts were put into action and the Teething Mitt was born, AKA; The Gummee Glove!

The Gummee Glove is: 'Soothing Control for baby, Hands free for parents'

The Gummee Glove Features

The glove has been designed with a detachable water filled teether, which you can easily remove for sterilising or refrigerating. To remove the teether all you need to do is pop open the popper securing it and take it out. The fun does not end there though, on either side of the glove are taggies and labels for baby to nibble on and play with.

The glove is manufactured to EU regulations & EN71 guidelines and only safe plastics are used.

On the palm of the glove there is a Black and White crinkle square, which for young babies is visually stimulating as Black & White are the two most attractive colours to babies. The noise of the crinkle square sounds when touched or baby moves their hand, it helps to teach baby all about 'cause & effect'.

The Gummee Glove also comes with its own unique, mini laundry bag. Simply detach the water filled teething ring & pop Gummee Glove into the laundry bag. Close the bag tightly with the draw string closure and pop into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. The laundry bag is also a great way to transport the Gummee Glove while out and about.

What does Leo think?

Leo has just turned 11 months old, and when his Gummee Glove arrived this morning, I was really looking forward to seeing his reaction to wearing it on his hand. Once I had opened up the package and saw the bright, colours I was really pleased. I had been impressed at the Baby Show but seeing it again reminded me why I had been so blown away with the idea initially.

The glove is very light and soft so it will not weigh down on little hands. I slipped it onto Leo's hand and closed the Velcro fastening to secure the glove. Leo looked a little unsure about the idea of having it on his hand and to test the water he gave it a good wave, a shake, and then a little tug. He soon tuck it off his hand and preffered to hold it independently, it was then that he began to really enjoy it, chomping away on the teether, and having a great time.

The glove has had constant use all day. Leo would put it down and soon come back for another chew, so although Leo wont physically wear the glove yet, he is still benefiting from it and enjoying it.

We have to bare in mind that Leo is 11 months old and using the glove the very first time. I am sure that if I had introduced the Gummee Glove to Leo a little earlier down the line he would have had no problem taking to it.

At this moment in time Leo only has 3 teeth, so we have a long journey ahead of us yet, to get the rest of his pearly whites. I can see the Gummee Glove getting much more use over the coming months!

It really would have been a god send to me in those early days when I could not physically hold the toys to his mouth as often as he would like. Even now Leo is renown for throwing his toys out of the stroller, so I am going to keep trying the glove on his hand and see what happens. Failing that, he can just continue to hold it himself.

Jodine's son Jimmy was still wearing his Gummee Glove and enjoying it at 11 months old!

I absolutely love the concept of the Gummee Glove, and after seeing all the happy babies at the Baby Show I think Jodine has found a real gap in the market, filled it and resolved a problem that every parent faces.

How can your baby get their hands on a Gummee Glove?

The finished Gummee Glove is now on sale at a very reasonable £9.99.

If you happen to purchase a Gummee Glove, it would be greatly appreciated if you would share the photos of your little one using the innovative Glove on The Gummee Glove's Facebook Page, along with your views and comments.

If you currently have a baby who is teething and at a age where they cannot yet hold the teething toy for themselves, I highly reccomend the Gummee Glove. 

If you were interested in finding out more information about the Gummee Glove then you can:

- Follow Jodine on Twitter @GummeeGlove
- Like Gummee Glove on Facebook


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