Thursday 3 May 2012

Merci Maman Review

Leo and I have been sat pondering over Father's Day for the last few weeks....What could we do to mark Daddy's first ever Father's Day? How could we make sure it is really special?

Then it his us...Merci Maman do some beautiful pieces of jewellery, they cater for baby, Mummy and most importantly....Daddy!

If you are wondering who Merci Maman are, then you are about to be completely enlightened, and I am sure you will be falling in love with their beautiful jewellery just like I did.

Introducing Merci Mamam
Merci Maman was set up by Beatrice De Montille in 2007. Beatrice's aim was to create a place where you could find a selection of many charming, unique and carefully-made gifts, where shopping was simple and fun, and where you could always find the most inspirational and wonderful ideas. Merci Maman is now a small business whose passion for quality, innovation and style shines through in every little detail. Their team make most products in London and dedicate time and energy to produce the best gifts for your loved ones

All their items are completely unique and can be personalised with important names, dates and little messages. The whole range is just stunning, and I was over the moon at the chance of reviewing their Sterling Silver Bracelet. This is just one lovely item from their long list of gifts for the lovely men in our lives, and they happen to have a whole range to help us all find that perfect gift for Father's Day.

I found the whole Merci Maman experience fantastic, I cannot fault them on their customer service, delivery time and above all else...The finished product. I made my decision as to what I wanted engraved on the bracelet and the colour of the braid, and this morning we received Daddy's stunning gift in a beautifully presented gift box.

I am really looking forward to presenting Luke with his bracelet, it is something I know he is going to absolutely love. It has 'Leo Matthew' engraved on the front and Leo's birthday '27/06/2011' on the back. Any engraving you have on your jewellery is all completed by hand in beautiful script.

The disk is Sterling Silver and is presented on a Black cotton braid. There is a wide selection of different braid colours available, so you are sure to find one that suits. The braid has adjustable sliding knots so you can alter the bracelets size to one that fits all, which takes away any stress or worry that it will not fit the recipient.

It is the perfect gift to mark Luke's very first Father's Day and is something that I know he is going to treasure for always.

The Merci Maman Sterling Silver Plated Bracelet retails at a very reasonable £39.00, which includes the option of engraving on front and back, the braid colour of your choice and the beautiful gift box it arrives in. 

So if you are stuck for ideas for that special man in your life this Father's Day, Merci Maman will have something to knock Daddy off his feet and put a big smile on his face.

I am pleased to share a fantastic Merci Maman giveaway for a bracelet just like the one I have had pleasure of reviewing. So make sure to come back and enter when it is live tomorrow morning, for a chance to present one of these very special gifts to a very special Daddy.


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  1. I adore my bracelets from there. xx

    1. They really are beautiful. I think Luke is going to love his! xx

  2. Aw I love merci maman! Looking out for your giveaway!

    1. Fab aren't they! It will be live tomorrow :-) xx


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