Thursday 10 May 2012

Slugs & Snails Need Our Vote!

The Life and Times of The Working Mum, is a HUGE fan of 'Slugs & Snails' and no... I am not talking about the slimey creatures who inhabit out in the garden...'Slugs & Snails' is a family run business started by the amazing Kathleen Redmond back in 2008, with the birth of beautiful baby Noah.
Kat and her family live on the West coast of Ireland, at the very top of a windy hill. Keeping Noah warm was their number one priority, and it was not long before Kat found the solution to keeping Noah warm and snuggly. Tights!
Of course if you have ever tried to find tights for your baby boy on the high street, you will know first hand, that unless you want a lovely pink pair with hearts and flowers dotted all over, your choice is...well...very limited.
So for a little while...This is what Noah wore. They kept Noah toasty warm and fulfilled the primary objective, but it was around this time that Kat started to come up with the unique and colourful designs that you see today, in the fabulous 'Slugs & Snails' - Tights for boys.
Kat launched 'Slugs & Snails' back in November 2011 after Three years of learning the In's and out's of the children's fashion market, and building 'Slugs & Snails' from the ground up to what you see today. It is safe to say that Kat has worked her socks (sorry tights) off to get to where she is right now in 2012.
Kat's efforts have been recognised by many people, customers and supporters alike, who have been over the moon with the bright colourful designs, that keep their baby boy's warm but also looking their very best. Leo and I use our 'Slugs & Snails' on a weekly basis, they are worn and then straight back into the wash ready to wear again.
There has been so much love for the coveted 'Slugs & Snails' that they are currently in the running for “Mumpreneur of the Year” and “Award for Innovation” with The Baby Hub Family First Awards!
This is such an amazing achievement for Kat, her company and above all else, her family.
Having only launched 'Slugs Snails' in November 2011, it is the greatest achievement to have stormed through the original 300 entrants, made the top 100 on the shortlist and then gone on to make it to the final four in the Innovation category.
I am asking you to take a moment to place your vote with 'Slugs & Snails' and help them take it all the way to the finish line! Kat's hard work really deserves recognition and we have the power to make this happen.
In order to vote you must be a registered member of The Baby Hub. It’s quick and easy to register and once completed, you will be able to keep up with the awards gossip and all that goes on!

You can place your vote right here and it only takes a few moments, but each vote is one step closer to the finish line!
Kat really deserves all of our support on this, and I wish her all the luck in the world.
Please all take the time to cast your vote, and share the love of the bright tights, for bold boys!

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