Monday 14 May 2012

Go to Bed!

I wish I could have come up with a more exciting title for you all, but I think that it sums up the nature of this post just perfectly!

Leo is currently teething and it wont be long before he has his Third pearly white. His front right tooth is almost through, I can currently feel it with my finger, and my can I feel it when he bites down with his two bottom front teeth. Gripping my poor little finger between his 3 little pegs.

It seems to be causing him some discomfort and he lets me know this by not going to bed. Last night he would not go down, and tonight...well... he finally succumbed to sleep at 10:30pm, after keeping me on my toes all evening!

It has been a right night of it, trust me... I have the bump on my head to prove it. After bending down by Leo's cot to put the lid on the Milk he just would not drink, only to get back up again quickly to tend to my little man who was crying away... and...BANG. I can currently feel the headache caused by throwing your head into a cot, and I do not advise it to anyone even considering it.

Leo ended up back downstairs again for the third time tonight. He hustled around the living room like a man on a mission, a man who was not wanting to go and count the sheep any time soon. He played with his toys and he watched a spot of television. Leo then found bruschetta down by Granny's chair...So of course while I was cheekily checking my twitter time line...Leo found the midnight snacks. The forbidden midnight snacks...

Leo proceeded to empty the contents of the bag all over the floor, and then of course licked each of the bruschetta before throwing them to the ground once again. It was then that he sat with his snacks and watched 'In the Night Garden...' So while he was occupied I managed to scoop up all the mess he had made, and move the midnight treats away from him once and for all.

Finally he had tired himself out...Finally!

Finally he would drink the rest of his milk!

& finally he went back to bed!

Leo succumbed to sleep at 10:30pm, and I succumbed to the laptop...

However...He has gone to bed stinking of Garlic...but he is finally asleep.

So much to do and the evening has gone. However here are some rather cheeky photos of my troublesome little monster, and he is the most cheeky little monster ever!


  1. Oh dear I hope he stays asleep for you! Although he is rather adorable! x

    1. last night was a better night in the end. He is pretty cute, but he is also a little terror :-) xx


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