Wednesday 23 May 2012

Philips Avent - The Natural Range

When you are pregnant you are told breast is best, but if for some reason breastfeeding is not a possibility or a option that works for you, then you will be looking into the best kind of bottles for your little one.

You may even want to express your Milk as an alternative to formula, which means you will be in the market for the perfect breast pump, if you are like me as a first time Mummy, all of this equipment can take you by complete surprise.

Since having Leo and realising that breastfeeding was unfortunately not going the way I had hoped in my heart of hearts, I made the switch to bottle after a fortnight. I carefully thought about which bottles I wanted to use and decided to go down the Philips Avent route. I have found the bottles great and Leo seems to have thrived on them...You just have to look at him to see...

So when I was invited to London to hear all about the new Philips Avent's product launch, I was very excited to go and see what changes they had implemented. Leo and I arrived at the event and were immediately greeted by a friendly face, letting us know that we were in the right place.

Looking around the room were all kinds of Avent goodies. We were offered drinks, which were very welcome in the suddenly scorching temperatures, and were soon shown through to a screening room to hear all about the new range that is launching this June.

Philips Avent are launching their brand new range - The Natural Collection. This appealing new line up has been developed on over 25 years of experience in the baby feeding market, and of course customer feed back. We told Philips Avent that we wanted a more natural looking bottle, so they have brought us a wide breast shaped teat, which has been cleverly designed to help baby latch on as naturally as possible.

In order to bring us such a high quality bottle Avent have been avidly product testing these little beauty's, so they can give us the facts. In independent home studies that were carried out back in June 2011 they found that 77% of babies accept the Philips Avent teat immediately. This makes combining breast and bottle feeding a realistic transition. 

Leo is always a little piggy on the bottle and quite often gets so enthusiastic that he caves the whole teat in on it's self. The comfort teat has comfort 'petals' which increase the teats softness and flexibility. This means that the teat wont collapse, even if your baby is as much as a greedy guts as Leo. 

Avent have advanced their anti-colic system on this lovely new model, and now it is all in the teat with a innovative twin valve system, which reduces colic and discomfort by venting any air into the bottle, rather than baby's tummy. I really like this new development as on the current Avent bottles we use, we have the traditional blue ring, and my justification is...One less item to wash up!

So after seeing the new Natural bottle, I have to say that I love the new curvy shape. This new shape seems like it will be easier to handle with those little hands and even slides in at just the right place for them to grasp it.

The bottles will be available to buy in Two sizes: 4oz (125ml) and 9oz (260ml).

Philips Avent have not just over hauled their bottle range, oh no! The new Philips Avent Comfort breast pump has been developed with a leading lactation consultant, and not to mention the helping hand that breastfeeding Mum's have played in it.

If you have ever breastfed and expressed your Milk, you will know that comfort is key. Sitting comfortably is a big deal. I know that when I was expressing back in July, I was always trying to lean forward in order to catch the Milk and make sure that I did not have any un-wanted spillages. More often than not, there were spillages and while I was expressing I was incredibly uncomfortable.

This new pump has been put through the ringer and has been said to be Avent's most comfortable pump yet! Unlike other pumps that force you to sit forward to capture every drop of Milk, this one let's you sit back, and relax in comfort while you are expressing, while still boasting no spills!

Avent have conducted research in the form of independent home studies back in June 2011 and their research shows that 82% of breastfeeding Mother's agreed that this was the most comfortable, even over their own pumps. Maybe this is down to the soft massage cushion that is featured inside the cup that helps to stimulate your Milk flow?

A great feature of the Comfort pump is that it is compatible with all of Avents current feeding products, such as the Milk storage containers, cups and even the classic range of bottles.

 I was really impressed with the new designs and I have been lucky enough to be given some samples to review. Sadly the breast pump will have to wait until a time I can convince Luke to let me have another little bundle, but that review will one day be listed. (I predict about 4 years time...My ideal age gap!)

Philips Avent had one other little surprise in store for us, and I have to say now what a great idea it is. When I was pregnant I joined every forum possible so I could follow each stage of my pregnancy and even chat with other people due around the same time as me. None of those people were incredibly local to me and I was not overly impressed with the range of apps available at the time...

Philips Avent have designed the perfect app that is going to allow you to meet other Mum's or Mum's to be at the same stage of pregnancy. The app 'Due Date Club' can be completely personalised with your name, where you live (if you wish to share the information) and photos. Regular news updates will be provided and expert advice will be linked in with exclusive offers.

It will give parent's the opportunity to gain advice as well as share their own personal knowledge, and this great app will be available a little later this summer.

I would like to thank Phillips Avent for inviting me along and sharing all of their exciting news with me. I have been so impressed with the new products and I am very much looking forward to trying them out.

The day was finished off with a preview of the new film 'What to expect when you're expecting' and this film is a gem by all rights. There are some scenes that I think every Mummy can relate to at some point in their pregnancy. I must applure you to make sure you see this film.

The new Comfort range will be on sale in June 2012, so keep your eyes pealed!


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