Thursday 3 May 2012

Pitter, Patter...

Just yesterday Leo stood up against his walker all by himself and slowly but surely took a few un-sure steps. He grew more confident as he repeated the pattern of putting one foot forward, one after another. He walked from one end of the room to the other with just his walker for balance and reassurance.

When he sat down after accomplishing his finest aided walk yet, he looked around only to be greeted with a round of applause and a standing ovation. Leo looked so impressed with himself and knew he had done something amazing.

He was cheered on by Granny and I and this only seemed to spur him on, positive energy feeds positive actions.

Once he had calmed down from all the excitement and stopped crawling the lengths of the room in what seemed to be a victory lap, he attempted it all over again. With each attempt he used his little feet to get him on the move. He put one little foot in front of the other and off he plodded...

Pitter pattering on those little feet...

With each attempt he went that little bit further, guided only by me pushing his walker out of the way of stationary obstacles....steering is something that he has not yet mastered, but one thing at a time!

He successfully plodded from one end of the living room and out into the hall. Only to abandon his walker there and then...In an attempt to climb the stairs.

This was such an un-expected shock. He has been walking a few steps up until now but never like this. A switch seems to have flicked and turned his determination up a notch or Two. Maybe Leo will be on his feet and walking at some point in the next few months?

At 10 months old, I am really impressed and so proud of him. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few months!

Did you notice that Leo walked the walk in his much loved Slugs & Snails - Boy Tights?

Maybe he will be walking before I return to work!?

When did your little one's learn to walk?



  1. Replies
    1. :-D He is just getting so big and grown up! xx

  2. Awwww well done Leo. I remember my little man doing that the first time like it was yesterday. I remember thinking that he suddenly looked so tall.
    But don't get your hopes up about him walking too soon. We had cruising on furniture and walking with a walker from about 8 months and only now, at nearly 15 months, is he actually having a go at doing it unsupported. I keep hearing from everyone that these boys tend to be lazy! Especially if they are good crawlers. X

  3. All the first's are just amazing. Not wishing any time away as it all goes so quickly.

    Arhh these little men do get a lil lazy, I find it hard to think I may miss his first un-aided steps but I guess it's better to consider it as a possibilty so it is less of a dissapointment if it does happen that way.

    They all do things when they are ready, and Leo is one good little crawler!

  4. aww how lovely. Harry didnt walk unaided until 18months he used his walker alot though and could do this for a long time, but he just didnt want to lose it that was the problem hehe x im sure your little man will be running rings around you before you no it x

    1. I am sure he will be on his Two feet as soon as he can. He gets incredibly frustrated when he isn't standing and his balance seems to be coming along every day.

      I bet you cannot stop Harry now! Crazy how quickly they learn new tricks xx


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