Monday 28 May 2012

Leo's First Words

When a baby starts to say his first words it is a ever growing reminder that they are not the little baby that they used to be. They are growing up and like a sponge, they are absorbing every little bit of detail that you expose them too, and it is only a matter of time before they action the information that they have been taking in.

Of course Leo has said 'Mum, Mum' and 'Dad, Dad' which has put great big smiles on both of our faces but Leo can also say 'Bear', where this word has come from...I have no idea, but it is as clear as day. To make it even more exciting, Leo will even growl when he say's 'Bear'!

'Bear seems to be his favourite word, and if he hears you say bear then he feels he must join in. He first said 'Bear' a couple of weeks ago and at first I thought it was just him putting the sounds together, which of course he probably was. As the weeks have passed we have all been showing him what a bear actually is and saying the word over and over again, sure enough Leo has picked it up and run away with it.

Leo seems to be picking so much up now, if he hears me make a certain noise he tries to copy it. Just last night we were having a lovely game of 'Nappy Head' - if you have not heard me talk about this before...Well you are in for a treat. I must stress we are not as crazy as we may sound....

'Nappy Head' came about during one nappy change, we both took turns to wear the nappy as a hat. Leo loves to pull the Nappy off his own head and also mine, although he usually takes a handful of my hair at the same time...However... Last night we were playing the usual game and I was met with the same excited giggles as always. When Leo pulled the nappy off my head, I pointed my finger and playfully shouted 'No, No, No'. You can imagine my surprise when Leo pointed his finger and shouted it back to me!

I could not believe my ears. my beautiful baby boy was copying words right there on the spot. The game continued and he repeated his new sounds again and again! Daddy, Granny, his Aunt and Uncle were all there to witness my little clever clogs, and they all looked just as taken a back as me, but everyone was just so tickled by Leo shouting at waving his finger, that the room was taken over with giggles.

It was just this morning that I dropped something on the floor, being the clumsy Mummy that I am...and of course I said 'Ught Oh' only to have the sound repeated back to me by my little man. He has been doing it all day now and mimics the words back to me when I say them.

If little man is eating his dinner and he hears you say 'Mmmm' you can rest assured that he will repeat the noise to you, confirming just how much he is enjoying his food.

I can safely say Leo's first word 'Bear' was at 10 months and his second words came along at 11 months. I am so proud of everything Leo is achieving and how quickly he seems to be progressing.

One thing is for sure though....I am now going to have to really watch what I say....Just to be on the safe side!

When did your little ones say their first words and what did they say?

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