Sunday 20 May 2012

The Garden Games Croquet Set Review

Looking outside at the Grey clouds and the people walking by in winter coats, it is hard to believe that we are now in the glorious month of May. Normally at this time of year we are in our Summer dresses and enjoying the BBQ's at every available opportunity. In fact by this time last year, we had more BBQ's than I can ever remember having so early on in the Spring...This year leaves a lot to be desired...

However Leo and I have been sent a lovely Croquet Set from Garden Games that we could not wait to try out. Looking out of the window we were met with the same dismal Grey cloud, that we have now become accustomed to....Then we looked down at this family Croquet game that we just had to try out. By we I of course mean my younger Brother and Sister, and Luke. Leo is just a little bit too small for such a game at this moment in time, but it wont be long before he is playing with the best of us.

What is in the box?

- 4 x Croquet Mallets

- 4 x 180g/6.5oz Croquet Balls 

- Winning Post

- 6 x Croquet Hoops

- Carry Bag

- Instructions

The set we have been using is a great introductory Lawn Croquet set, it comes with 4 brightly coloured wooden mallets and balls, each sized perfectly for children of around 6 years plus. The set includes 6 metal hoops to layout the course, which means you can make the game different each time. Maybe a little more challenging or a little easier for the younger children. You also receive a wooden winning post and the rules of how to play, which was great for us as believe it or not...We have never played Croquet before! All of the equipment I have just described comes packed in a zip fastening bag, which makes it very handy to take with you on your travels, you could take it to a family picnic by the river or even on holiday.

Our family will be visiting Brittany later this month and I am going to be bringing the Croquet set along with us to provide us with a fun activity, for everyone to participate in. 

The Garden Games Lawn Croquet set is perfectly designed to get young children into the game and learn on a set designed for their height and age, my younger brother and sister really benefited from this as the mallets were not to heavy for them to use.

I had a quick read of the instructions and proceeded outside to set up our first ever game of Croquet. I was soon followed by everyone, as they were keen to get a game going, and moments later the game was in full swing.

I found the set a great way to get the family enjoying a activity together and very easy to get set up and play. It would be a great addition to a family BBQ to get everyone up on their feet and having a good time. 

The Croquet Set retails at a very reasonable £49.99 and even comes with a 1 year warranty, just for added piece of mind.

Garden Games offer great customer communication and let you know where your parcel is every step of the way, from ordering to dispatch. I find this added reassurance brilliant, and they are always very quick in getting your parcel to you.

If you are looking for a family game to keep everyone entertained when Summer really does decide to make an appearance, then why not give Croquet a try?


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