Tuesday 15 May 2012

A Spring Break...

In just over Two weeks on the 31st of May, Leo, Daddy and I along with Granny and the whole extended family...Will be taking a week's break in Brittany - France.

I am really hoping for some nice sunny weather, just enough to be able to take Leo for walks down the beach and show him the wonders of the sea, build sand castles and let him knock them down. I want him to take everything in from the fresh sea air to the croissant he will be trying for his breakfast.

This will be Leo's second holiday, the first being when he was just 5 months old. This time is so different as he is now at an age to take an interest in everything around him. Curious is Leo's middle name.

We will be driving to the port and jumping on a ferry to take us over to France. Now here is my question to you all...How on earth do I keep an 11 month old entertained for such a stint in the car?

Leo was great at travelling long distances when he was younger, it was easier as he didn't get bored and fidgety, now however it is more of a challenge as he gets bored and frustrated incredibly quickly. As soon as he awakes from a nap, that is it. His patience and tolerance goes right out of the window and he wants to get out and crawl around.

So please...Someone tell me what to do with Leo to keep him happy and content on such a long car journey.

Now...The next dilemma I face is that the ferry crossing is a night crossing. If you have ever gone over during the night then you know that it is substantially longer. We don't have a room to rest our heads, but we do...**drum roll** have reclinable chairs. The height of luxury eh!?

Leo of course will have his pushchair, but I am questioning whether he will sleep in there. I think there will be too much going on and he wont sleep. This may be a silly worry of mine but I am also thinking about everyone around us. We don't know these people, am I insane for even contemplating closing my eyes and leaving Leo vulnerable?

If anyone has ever been as crazy as me, and decided to travel during the night with a baby I would really appreciate your pearls of wisdom.

I cannot wait to arrive in Brittany and show Leo everything that will be right on the doorstep. I know he is going to have a great time and love every single minute.


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