Monday 28 May 2012

Leo Visits The Office...

Today was a day all about preparation, and I finally wrote my letter of intent to return to the office. It is something I have been meaning to do for a while but have pushed back and back, as though writing the letter and handing it in...Made my return to work more real and something that was really happening.

My official date to return to work is Wednesday 25th July 2012.

I took my little man into the office with me to hand deliver the already late letter to HR. Of course Leo was centre of attention, and suddenly decided he was going to play shy. Which we all know he is not.

I was very excited to show off his new words but after shouting 'Bear' all the way there in the car, he was suddenly silent and refusing to say a word. I am sure everyone thought I was telling little porkies or that the maternity leave was slowly making my mind boggle.

I have now booked my holiday allocation that will take me through until July 24th 2012, and will leave my bank account looking fresh and full - ready to be spent of course and boy do I have some big plans!

Filling out the holiday form took me longer than it usually would, Leo managed to turn a 2 minute job into a 15 minute job....I guess that is why you don't take babies to work with you!

Sitting at my desk sorting it all out with a little monster crawling around and opening all my desk draws up before crawling off to marvel at the printer. Along the way he found his reflection in the rather big plant potts scattered around the room, so of course he stopped and gave himself a little kiss. My boss even commented on how having Leo around was similar to having a office pet, Leo even had the stripes to match as he was donning his Tigger outfit.

With all the room completely side tracked with Leo's presence, I made a point of telling them that when I did make my return in July...They need not worry as I would not hide Leo away in my hand bag and it would just be I - Laura returning full time.

They all seemed a little in awe of my little guy, and sat intently watching him eye up his next target. Once Leo had settled into his new surroundings he was very happy and any shyness that he had brought into the building with him was not leaving with him. He never did show off his new words in the office, he waited until we were just getting back into the car to leave and growled right into my ear. Little monster....

So that is it, I am officially returning to work full time and the date is in the diary. This Mummy is not going to know what has hit her when that date eventually gets here...

Maybe they would not notice if Leo does come along? Although after seeing him run wild in there today... I think they would probably suspect something was not quite right...



  1. Aw I am sure you could hide him under the desk! Returning to work is so scary but it is fine once you are there I promise. xx

    1. Thanks Katie, I have a feeling he wouldn't stay put under the desk....May be worth a try! xx


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