Monday 21 May 2012

The Birmingham Baby Show 2012

The Birmingham Baby Show has been taking place all over the weekend, and on Friday that is just where Leo and I went. This time last year I was 8 months pregnant and I attended the baby show with my baby bump, this year I took my bump along in the pushchair!

Arriving at the baby show, I was actually mourning my bump. I suddenly remembered what an exciting time I had the previous year, making all the preparations for my impending arrival and checking out all of the deals that were to be had.

As you all know, Leo has been suffering with Roseola which has resulted in lack of sleep on both of our sides. However we still attended with all guns blazing and ready to see what was on offer at the highly anticipated show.

Walking through into the show is always exciting, you can feel the energy and excitement that is buzzing all around the room. From first time Mum's expecting their baby's to Mum's with 2 or more, everyone is out in force to see what is on offer to them. If their visits were anything like mine, then I am sure they were not disappointed.

The best bit of the baby show for me, is meeting the people behind the brands, being able to talk face to face with someone who holds all the answers to your questions. It is great that they will offer you all the advice in the world and still not expect to make a sale. I visited Avent Phillip's stand and I found all of their advice extremely helpful. It is just great to know that they take the time to point you in the right direction.

After all that is what visiting the baby show is all about right!?

I find the baby show opens your mind up to all kinds of new things, some things that you may have never even considered before. During my visit at the Friends of Glass stand, I was very intrigued to hear all about the alternatives to plastic bottles. Have you ever considered using Glass to Plastic? I had never even considered this as an option, but people do use Glass as their main choice. They make this decision because Glass is inert and 100% recyclable. Of course if you are like me, you will be questioning just how safe it is to use Glass bottles with babies....They have eased the minds of parents with special rubber bands that have been designed to go around the bottle. This design would contain any glass if the bottle was by chance smashed.

Food for thought!

Walking around the Baby Show, I was hit with Pushchair envy. Everywhere I looked I could see brand new designs and beautiful prams. The whole day just re-confirmed my love and appreciation for everything Pushchair related.

After reading up on so many of the reviews it was great to see some of the Pushchairs in the flesh. There was everything from the new Quinny Mood to the Joolz Earth. I spent my time walking around just falling at their wheels in complete and utter amazement.

If you want to see all of the differnt brands and designs under one roof, then I highly recomend a visit to the Baby Show. You can test the one's you want and have a real insight into the diverse market that buying a Pushchair brings to your front door. However if you are like me and just have a little bit of a pram addiction, I do advise you to keep your distance from all the beautiful Strollers...

 I went armed with plenty of cash, and I was very surprised to come away with plenty of cash at the end of the day. There are of course so many bargains to be found but I was realistically thinking about how I would cart boxes of goodies home on the train, with 2 changes and a poorly baby.

So what did I purchase at this years Baby Show? A Tomee Tipee Digital Ear Thermometer. It was the perfect purchase at a bargain £25.00 and it has already had so much use, what with Leo being poorly and running a temperature.

So who else has visited the Baby Show this weekend and what were your best bargains?



  1. aww we went there sunday! there are so many lovely pushchairs on show wasnt there. We got harry a happy hopper, he loved it. Ive just done a post about our time there :)

    1. Did you have a good time lovely? All the pushchairs were great, I wish I was in the market for one! hehe...

      I bought a happy hopper last year when I was pregnant. Leo will be getting it next month for his birthday! I will pop over and have a read :-) X

    2. aww did you? which one did you go for? I wished i had brought harry one earlier, he loves it, i think he thinks its a new family pet x i no, me too, we have the babystyle oyster and they are bringing out a new colour pack for it august, but sadly harrys gonna be too big to be pushed around by then i think :( so many great styles and designs tho! hope you little man gets better soon x x

    3. We have a bouncing blue bull. Aw bless Harry.

      It is so sad when they outgrown the stroller. I am dreading this even though it is a while off yet. Truly leaving the baby days behind then...

      Thanks lovely. He is so much better now xx

  2. I am so jealous, i really wanted to go to this now i'm pregnant with number 2. X

    1. aw sorry lovely, maybe you could go to another one later in the year? xx


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