Tuesday 8 May 2012

The So Pure Sophie La Girafe Cubes Review

As you know, Leo happens to be a big Sophie la Giraffe fan. This love for all things Sophie started at a very young age and seems to have continued to grow at the same pace as Leo has over the past 10 months.

So when Leo was asked if he would like to review the brand new So Pure Sophie la Giraffe Cubes, we really did jump at the chance, and even gave each other a big high five. I am not ashamed to admit it...I too love all things Sophie! That amazing Giraffe got a smile out of my beautiful boy, the instant that they met, with that very first squeek... and we have never ever looked back.

When the post man knocked our front door to deliver our exciting parcel this morning, Leo and I delved straight in and between us opened up the parcel to reveal a attractive box...with Four very bright cube's awaiting Leo, to have a very good play with.

It is safe to say that we wasted no time, and moments later we had successfully got the cube's out. Leo was straight away in his element, chewing, throwing and admiring his brand new Sophie Cube's. Bouncing them around the room, and even off my head. The colour's are all very bright, you could even say neon, which really adds to their charm and is sure to get any baby interested. They are the perfect size to be clasped by a baby's hands, and Leo had no problem at all doing exactly what he wanted with them.

The cubes are manufactured from 100% natural rubber to develop the skills that are needed in order to perform tasks with their hands.The cubes help baby to learn the basic motor skills while playing, picking and piling them up, or throwing and catching them - throwing them is something Leo really enjoys, and as they are 100% rubber, they bounce too!

On each bright cube, there is a different raised motif. There are flowers, Bumble Bee's, Beetles and of course... The famous Sophie Giraffe herself. Each unique motif varies baby's sensations of touch and the lovely bright tangy colours also help to stimulate sight.

As with many of the Sophie Giraffe products, these cube's are made from 100% natural rubber, this is great for baby as they can bite into these cubes without any danger. The motifs are great for teething babies, who like Leo will automatically chew on anything and everything he is given. They are very light which makes them easy for little babies to grasp and of course relieve the tension that teething brings with it.

Leo sat very contently and played with his cubes and what I especially liked about the cubes was that they are soft and easy to handle. Together we played with them happily, and I even started piling them up, only for my little monster to swipe his hand over and erase all my efforts.

I would highly recommend Sophie la Giraffe Cubes to anyone with a teething baby, these cube's can be easily carried around with you in the changing bag as they are so light. They don't take up much room, and they will also provide a great source of entertainment on your travels. We took our cube's out with us today and when we stopped for lunch, Leo had them in his high chair while I finished eating.

They are a great option for 'babies first blocks' if you did not wish to go down the wooden block route just yet, and they can be stacked one on top of the other, teaching baby how to do it for themselves. The cube's can be used by babies from 3+ months, which is around about the time they will start holding objects for themselves.

Overall I have been very impressed and Leo seems to share my glowing thoughts on them. We give them a BIG thumbs up, and as usual we love all that is Sophie Giraffe.

You can purchase your own set of So Pure Sophie La Giraffe Cubes for £9.99 right here



  1. These are cute- Mads loved sophie la giraffe when she was smaller and she still has the odd chew on her now! x

    1. I agree, pretty cute :-)
      Sophie is just the best teether. Leo loves her xx

  2. Oooh they look great and so much fun! Will have to get some for Riley xxx


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