Saturday 16 November 2013

28 Months Old

Another month has come and gone, and all of a sudden you seem to be coming out with more and more words.

I have never worried about your vocabulary as I knew you were absorbing everything and understood what I was telling you, but you just didn't wish to jump straight into talking straight away. Along with everything else you have ever done, you have taken it all in your own pace, and I as always have let you go at your own pace.

But recently you were repeating lot's more that you were hearing and putting more words together in what you wanted to say. Just yesterday you said 'Aiya, Cha, School'. Which translated meant 'Alice, Chris, School', and you were very right. Then of course you said 'Okayly dokaly' after you heard me saying it to Daddy.

Not forgetting a very important first word you used recently. The very first time you said 'Sorry' and made us all very proud... As sorry is one word that you point blank refused to say, but knew exactly what it meant. Cheeky monkey.

In fact you have been stepping your whole cheeky monkey act up in the last month. If I tell you off, you look at me with your big blue eyes. Smirk and then declare 'haha'. Having said that though you certainly know when I am serious and then there is no monkey business!

We were out and about in the car today, and all of a sudden the interior light flashed on... Being low on petrol I did fear the worst (not that being low on petrol would turn on the interior light...) We soon realised that you Leo... Yes you! Had opened up your car door as we were going around the roundabout. Never before have you really shown much interest in playing with the doors, which is probably why we don't have child locks on their (We will going forward!). I think you scared yourself as your door swung open though Mr, so maybe that is lesson enough. Suffice to say you were told why you shouldn't play with car doors while we are moving.

At 28 months old (and 20 days) you are still napping once a day, and seem to still heavily rely on that nap too. I can't see you dropping it anytime soon, as I have seen you on days where for some reason or another you haven't been able to have your dutiful sleep out. I forsee naps being on the cards for a while to come (High fives!)

You still have no desire to use the potty despite having the know how. I think it is a comfort thing for you as you know exactly when you need/want to go. You just don't want to sit down on the potty and nothing but your nappy is good enough. You never have any accidents when you run around the house in your birthday suit, so I know that you will get there in your own time. Like you do with everything else.

This month seems to have been the month where you have developed a very special camera face. Every time a camera is pointed in your general direction, you pull this face.

This Leo, is your cheeky smile. You perform it when asked to 'give us a cheeky smile' and the majority of the time that the camera comes out to play. Getting your weekly photos this month has proved trying and taken a while!

As always you are still holding that special blanket of yours closely, and I think he will be around for the long haul. Of course hand in  hand with your blanket, the milk bottle isn't far behind. I don't really know how and when we will be removing said bottle from you... But I am sure that will soon be the task at hand. 

We have started watching a few new movies in the last month, one of which being Toy Story and the others being Christmas films. Arthur Christmas and the Polar Express are two new favourites that I am now having to watch again and again. 

You are getting so excited about Christmas (this may be my fault) and whenever you see fairy lights you automatically associate them with 'Christmas'. I am so looking forward to this festive season with you, this year is the start of the magic for all of us. 


  1. I love Leo's Cheeky camera face, Oliver does a similar one too :-) x

    1. Sometimes it is impossible to get a natural shot of Leo! He just pulls this face as soon as the camera comes out! x

  2. aww time passes so quickly, Christmas will be lovely for you all this year - maybe Santa can help out with the bottle and take it away on Christmas eve for other babies - works because everyone is so tired and excited and entertained on christmas day bottles and dummies don't get thought about and then thats it one day passes :)

    1. It goes far to quickly. Although he still has his bottle and his blanket we seem to have narrowed it down to just night time now! Score! x


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