Thursday 7 November 2013

Bonfire Night 2013

*Bang* went a firework.
*Bang, Bang, Bang* went some more...

It was November 5th 2013 and Leo was incredibly excited.
He had heard the big bangs over head and flown off the sofa to look out of the window. 
'Neoooooooooooo', BANG' Leo said anticipating the next firework, before asking for more in his very next breath.

That morning I had headed out of the door for work, telling Leo that when the moon and all of the stars came out in the nights sky, we would be wrapping up warm and heading out to see some real fireworks.

Leo's excitement was apparent for all to see.
The car journey to the local fireworks was filled with excited squeals and shrieks of delight, as he spotted fireworks out of the windows.
We parked up and walked the rest of the way to the event. He held my hand and walked so proudly by my side telling me all about the 'Oush' that he was going to see.

The walk took longer than it usually would due to a big project of stabilizing the town's bridge, and we actually had to take a detour over a foot bridge that has been erected... and then walk through the park and over the road to get to the fireworks display. In all it was quite a long walk, but Leo's excitement carried his little legs all the way there. 

As soon as we arrived we stumbled into the toys I knew we would. The bright twirly whirly lights that I knew Leo would be after the moment he set eyes on them. So the first point of call before any fireworks or bonfires could be seen, was to get Leo the light he so craved. It was actually my compromise for sparklers, as although I know he would love them... I cannot imagine anything more that I would hate for him to play with.

The bonfire was lit and the crowds gathered around. Leo smiled from ear to ear as the light of the flames danced across his face. We stood in the warmth of the fire for a little while and then it was time for the main event.

The firework show.

James Blunt's Bonfire Heart played for all to hear, and Leo's smile grew ever wider. The wonder flickered across his face engulfing his eyes, and in the moment of that very first bang in the sky, Leo had me truly captivated.

From start to finish Leo stared at the sky, gasping with excitement. There was not even a hint of fear regardless of how loud the fireworks popped in the heavens. It would seem the louder the fireworks exploded, the bigger Leo's smile grew.

And that is how we spent Bonfire Night...

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