Monday 18 November 2013

Swimming with kid's

We have loved to take Leo swimming from a early age, and as he has grown he has just grown to love swimming more and more. I like to think that the fact he was born into water has given him a slight advantage... But I think he would have loved the water regardless. 

Back in August on our holiday to Cyprus we stayed in a villa that had it's own personal pool. This for Leo was heaven and he was in and out of the water each and every day. It was on holiday that he learnt how to use his rubber ring for the very first time and it suddenly gave him the confidence to float independently (with Daddy and I close by). It was while we were away that I noticed how grown up he suddenly seemed, he splashed around with his older cousin and just seemed wiser than his 2 years.

Leo was a little nervous about trying out floats for the first time, he clung to me like he was never going to let go but then his cousin paddled past in his rubber ring. He couldn't get it on quickly enough then! It all comes down to a confidence/trust barrier and once Leo found his confidence and trusted that we were there to keep him safe, and the float was to keep him above water he took to it like a pro.

Fun swimming aids for kids are a great way to build confidence in the water and have a good time. We accumulated a few different floating aids while we were abroad, rubber rings and even some beach balls. It all helped in giving Leo the confidence to enjoy the water with his family, and left us all with some beautiful memories.

It is our aim to make swimming more of a regular occurrence, as being away and having a pool so close to hand was ideal. It was lovely watching Leo have such a good time in the water and it gave us time to enjoy family time. One thing I did discover with all of this time spent in the water, was that swimming ear plugs are an essential part of my swim wear attire!

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