Friday 29 November 2013

The Simple Things

It is often the simple things that I enjoy the most. 
A day spent in the company of Leo doing those everyday things, 
never ceases to bring a smile to both of our faces.

It could be as simple as a stroll into town,
and popping down to feed the ducks.
Holding Leo's hand as he throws in entire pieces of bread at the awaiting birds.
Holding his hand that little bit tighter when he get's too excited.

Telling Leo to break the bread up and throw it a little bit faster,
as the geese and swans are now jumping onto the path.
Slowly backing away from the cheeky swan's as they get to close for comfort.
Warning Leo that they could bite and getting him to throw faster still.
Watching Leo as he doesn't heed the warnings and continues to smile and laugh.
Fear not crossing his mind at all...

Pulling Leo further back so that there is a little more distance between us and...them.
Smiling at Leo smiling and watching him enjoy our mishap adventure.
Throwing the last of the bread to the birds and hoping they will hop back into the water.
Hoping we can save our abandoned pushchair once they swim away...

And counting our lucky stars that the ducks were being called onto their next feeding spot further down the river.

It's the simple days, doing those simple things when we can just enjoy the here and now. 
It's being able to find the fun in everyday places and watching Leo's eyes glow with delight.
His innocence shines in everything we do, and these simple things that we do are so wondrous and magical to him.

This is why I enjoy the simple things the most... 

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