Monday 4 November 2013

Christmas Preperations

The festive season is almost upon us, and along with the festive cheer and sharing of gifts we all turn our thoughts to tasty food, and ways to make Christmas Day one to remember

Having Leo makes me make that extra bit of effort, suddenly Christmas is all about putting a big smile on his face and just making it as magical as possible for him. The whole day for me... Is all about him.

Part of the fun for me is all of the preparation, and it is the perfect time of year to get into the kitchen to cook up some yummy treats for guests who may frequent during the Christmas period. Last year I cooked up home made mince pies and Christmas cookies on a regular basis, and quickly realised that I was in need of storage for my baked treats.

I have been thinking ahead for this year, and I am already picking out some storage solutions to help me on my merry way. Kleeneze have a lovely selection of storage that will be coming in very useful to me over the next couple of months, I may not look like a budding chef... or actually even whizz up world class food. But sometimes I manage to impress myself.

I am always in need of cupcake tins, somewhere to put my freshly baked cakes after they have cooled. I couldn't resist this colorful set of 3 tins. The tins come in three different sizes, which means that I have storage for a Christmas Cake should I decide to become a little more adventurous...

Of course if last Christmas is anything to go by... Or Leo's birthday for that matter. I may find myself in a cupcake frenzy, and that means I will need to make sure I have sufficient space to keep everything until it can be consumed by my hungry family. I was rather impressed with this Cupcake carrier with it's double layer and holders for each cupcake so that they don't fall around during transportation. 

I just love the festive season and stepping into the kitchen during one of Leo's lengthy nap times to cook up some goodies. Nothing quite makes the house smell like Christmas than when the smell of baking rushes through the halls, and I for one am very much looking forward to the start of this magical season.

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