Monday 11 November 2013

Lady GaGa

Saturday night Leo and I were cuddled up on the sofa with the television on as background noise. 
We were laughing and joking, having a snuggle up just before bedtime.
Leo suddenly stopped what he was doing, 
and he looked up at the television.

The new Katy Perry advert has just come on and he was eyeing her with wide eyes,
just like Daddy does.
Then out of no where Leo pointed and said 'Ga Ga'.
I sat dumbfounded. 
How on earth did my 2 year old know about Lady GaGa!?
He may have been mistaken by Katy Perry...
But he knew about GaGa.

So to test the waters and see if it was coincidence...
Maybe even a fluke?
I showed Leo Lady GaGa's Just Dance video.
Instantly Leo said... 
'Mumma! GaGa!'

A quick phone call to Leo's Granny and a word with his Aunty Aiya soon 
highlighted that he has been dancing around her bedroom to Lady GaGa!
Highlighting the fact that Leo did indeed know all about pop princess Lady GaGa.

Highlighting just how influential our little sponges are,
and how sooner or later they will know everything we know and more.

Now that is a scary thought.


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