Tuesday 26 November 2013

Santa Clause is coming to town!

This weekend Santa Clause came to town, so we wrapped up in our winter warmers and tucked Leo up in his pushchair. We took a slow wintery walk into town, where we patiently waited to see the first glimpse of the big man in red.. and his reindeer.

Leo was so excited at the prospect of seeing Santa again, and maybe even seeing the reindeer fly! His little face was a picture when he saw the biggest reindeer approaching. Leo kept pointing towards the skies as if half expecting the reindeer to suddenly leap off into the unknown.

We took our place among the forming crowds of people so that we could watch Santa parade down the street to the brass band that was getting ready to play. All of a sudden I was 5 years old again and the magic was well and truly alive. 

The band began to play and Santa began to stroll up the centre of the town, with his reindeer and the town squire. I positioned Leo so he could get a good view, but then Santa had passed us and the crowd who he had already surpassed began to follow him down the street. We ended up in the market square where the local radio station were putting on entertainment, and Leo even enjoyed some snow!

We took Leo down last year to see the big light switch on, but he didn't really take any of it in. This year he was in his element when the big countdown took place and then the pretty lights sprung up all around the market square. As if the Christmas lights were not enough, to mark the switch on... Fireworks boomed over head, making that big smile on Leo's face ever wider and brighter. 

It never ceases to amaze me the difference that a year can make. This is just the start of the magic this year, and we will be doing so much just to keep that magic burning, those eyes glowing and that smile shining.


  1. Aw sounds like a lovely day, and I love the magic in their eyes too. It is amazing! x

    1. The older they get, the more they get it. I love watching him connecting all the dots x


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