Wednesday 13 November 2013

A Sick Day

Nothing beats being all tucked up in bed and letting that drowsy state wash over you.
You can feel your eyes starting to get heavier and you know sleep is immanent.
Then out of the darkness you hear the beginning of your child waking.
You come around a little...
You hear sickness calling your name.
You forget all about that sleepy state and you get up and RUN into your little one's room.

I flicked on the light as I dashed to be by Leo's side. 
I lifted him as quickly as I could and ran the short distance to the bathroom. 
There I held him over the bath as he projectile vomited again and again. 
There was a moment that I panicked as all of a sudden everything he brought up was bright red.
Then I remembered he pigged a whole punnet of blueberries hours earlier...
I patted his back while he was being sick and gave him cuddles when the throws of sickness left him.
Leo panicked when he noticed he had been sick on my shoulder,
I reassured him that it was ok. 

I was thankful that he had actually aimed it somewhere other than on me this time around...

Then after the last instance of sickness Leo looked at me and smiled.
Then he laughed.
He then said 'Bath, sick' and laughed some more.
Then I laughed, Leo was right... He really had performed a number on the bath.
In the next breath he said 'Mumma, Buzz!' 
So together we cleaned up the bath, whacked all of the washing in the machine and cuddled up at midnight watching Toy Story. 

Today has been a quiet day as we are both exhausted.
It has involved cuddles on the sofa while watching The Polar Express and Toy Story...
It has involved play time and nap times for both of us.
Back tickles demanded by Leo, and then demands for more when you dare go slack.
Because that is what sick days are all about.
Re-cooperating and getting better.

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