Wednesday 6 November 2013

A healthier 2014

I often find myself going through a health kick phase. I mean well and fully intend to stick to a healthy eating plan... But it is in these moments I tell myself that I flat out cannot have ANY chocolate WHAT SO EVER, in the next breath all I want is to pig a whole bar of Cadbury's the most...

I cook the majority of what we eat from scratch, but I am as guilty as most when I spring for a jarred sauce rather than whizzing up my own, especially during the week when I have been at work. Sometimes it is just easier to reach into the cupboard and pull out a easy option... and then of course the forbidden chocolate bar that I neglected to hide very well..

I tell myself I am going to find time to exercise.. (insert giggle here) and that I will spend more time in the kitchen following the Slimming World diet (which they won't actually let me join...Ironically) but somehow my best intentions don't get me any where.

Back in the summer I was looking into how useful a George Foreman Grill may be in the kitchen. I eat a lot of meat and thought this may be a great way to cook in a more sustained way. Although I haven't really been using it to cook healthier meals... Admittedly I use it regularly to grill stuffed chicken, with cheese a plenty! 

Maybe I will use the New Year as jumping board to get healthier in 2014, and leave chocolate and other temptations back in 2013. I have been looking at sessions at the gym, and think that I will somehow make some time out of the house for just me.

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  1. This is me all over! Haha nice to know i'm not on my own!

    1. :) I think Chocolate has to be the hardest thing to give up! x


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