Wednesday 13 November 2013

Cadbury's Christmas Chocolate

You may have noticed that there is a lot of talk surrounding Christmas right now. I know that I have been talking about it more and more as we progress through November and get ready to enter December. 

The shops are already pulling out all of the stops and Christmas delights are being provocatively draped to sway those of us (ME) into purchasing some early Christmas Chocolates...

I find myself stocking up on it long before the big day even appears on my calender, and I tend to eat it all just as fast.

Cadbury's are already lining the supermarket shelves, selection packs, festive Chocolate bars and Advent Calanders all lined up and ready for eager chocoholics just like me, to come passing by and place the shelf in their shopping basket...

Or is that just me?

Cadbury's always put on a good show, and Christmas is a great excuse for them to extend their very tasty range that little bit further. I have been very pleased to see that even Freddo the Frog has donned a Santa hat and some ear muffs... Let's face it Jack Frost is starting to nip at our noses now.

The very much loved glass and a half bar has been given a festive cheering up, keep your eyes out for the snowflakes on the new packaging if you haven't seen them already.

The Cadbury Wishes are now back on the shelves, your favourite milk chocolate in the shape of a star, with bubbly chocolate and truffle hiding away at the centre. I had never actually tried one of these until recently, and I have to admit for me... It was a little to much chocolate. If that is even possible?

I do love the chocolate inscription on the Wish Chocolate, and thought it was very fitting 'Imagine what tomorrow could bring'. It literally is food for thought.

The traditional selection box's are back with us and featuring all of our old favourites. I know I used to personally use selection box's recieved on Christmas Day as the ultimate excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast. Ironically it was just the other day that I told Leo that he couldn't possibly have chocolate for breakfast... Then got into work to find they were all munching on left over Halloween sweets!

The selection box's come in a range of different sizes but all boast our typical favourites!

New for 2013 is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman. The newest addition to the magical Cadbury Christmas range, a delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk shell covers a light and fluffy vanilla mousse centre.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this Christmas addition, as admittedly I am usually a plan chocolate kinda girl, with the exception of Cadbury's Crunchie bits....

Now all that is left for me to do is to decide on which Advent Calenders we want this year....

Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of Cadbury's Chocolate for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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