Friday 8 November 2013

The one where Leo says sorry...

My little Leo is a mischievous little guy, he is fierce and independent. 
He holds the wold in his hands.
He is vibrant and caring.
Affectionate and loving.

Leo knows what he wants and what he does not.
He laughs so infectiously that you have to laugh too.
He screams so loud in temper that you cannot hear yourself think.
Through the laughs and screams he is a lovable rogue.

But then there is one thing that he has never said.
One thing that makes him bury his head firmly into the sand.
He has always refused to apologize for any mis-deeds or wrong doing.

I have persisted and tried to highlight why he needs to say he is sorry, 
whether or not it was a deliberate act or not. 
And with me Leo will cuddle me and say sorry with his love.
But for anyone else he just wouldn't play ball.

Then on Wednesday when playing with his cousin, he accidentally knocked him over.
With no prompting or signalling from myself or the rest of the family in that room,
Leo turned around and said 'Sorry Josh'.
Clear as day.
Just like that.

I looked at my Mum and quite honestly couldn't believe my ears.
A big smile filling my face.
Pride swelling from deep inside of me.

The day my boy said sorry for the very first time.


  1. Oh bless him! It still melts my heart when Mads apologises even now. xx

    1. It's one of the cutest things! Aside from 'Love you' of course! x

  2. Bless him, I find it so sweet when Dylan does it on his own too!


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