Tuesday 12 November 2013

Mr Tumbles Tablet Review

Everyone with toddler's has seen CBeebies something special at one point in their child television experience. Mr Tumble very quickly became one of Leo's favourite shows, and to be honest it was something that I was happy for him to have on. I have always done a little bit of signing with Leo, not a lot but it gave him a way to communicate with me before he had the words to tell me. Even today he signs for milk, and I liked that Mr Tumble may teach him a few more signs along the way.

Leo was really pleased to discover that our next task as KD Mumbassadors was to play hard with the new Mr Tumble's Tablet. Now it will come as no surprise to fans of the Something Special Show, to discover that this tablet is very bright and instantly draws you in to play with it.

The tablet features fun activities to encourage learning, all aided by the very bubbly Mr Tumble. What I really like is how they have actually used Justin Fletcher's voice for the tablet, there is nothing more frustrating than when they pull in some stranger to voice over the toys for that associated program or film...I was very pleased to hear Justin's voice when we first turned the tablet on.

The tablet it's self is touch sensitive and is sensitive enough for Leo to tap to get the desired sound. Leo likes it as it is a nice comparison to Mummy's iPad

There are 6 different games to play on the tablet, each of the activities require you to listen to Mr Tumbles instruction and then find the appropriate answer on the tablet.

- Find - The find activity is Mr Tumble telling you to find different items, such as 'Find Granddad Tumble or find the number 5'. 

- Colours - The colours activity asks you to find items distingushed by their colour, such as 'Can you find the spotted objetct, or can you find a spotty object'

- Quiz - The quiz activity asks a series of different questions and as with the other games you have to locate the answers on the tablet. There are questions such as 'How many Blue Balloons do you see and can you find something to put on your head?' The quiz is something that requires thought and knowledge and I know that it is a little beyond Leo at the moment. 

- Challenge - In the challenge activity Mr Tumble asks you to follow a series of instructions such as 'Mr Tumble is looking for the Yellow Spotty bag, can you find Mr Tumble' Once you have found Mr Tumble you are given a second command 'Can you find the Yellow Spotty bag?'.

- Follow me - Challenges the player to find each of the items Mr Tumble calls out, once you find them he gives you a new item to find.

- Funny Sounds - When pressed a random sound is presented, there are about 3 or 4 different sounds available.

Leo really likes the Mr Tumble Tablet, it is something that gets a lot of use while we are out in the car. Leo likes the pictures and the sounds that come through and he knows that it is Mr Tumble. Although Leo enjoys playing with it, he is not yet playing the individual activities as he is only 2 and hasn't quite got the knowledge just yet, but with that point aside it is a bright, fun toy that challenges him as he learns.

Mr Tumbles Tablet retails at around £19.99 and provides a fun central point for learning numbers, objects and communication.

Disclaimer: We were sent Mr Tumbles Tablet for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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