Wednesday 27 November 2013

Sponsored Video: Nestle Fitness presents The Tweeting Bra!

These day's nothing surprises me anymore. I wasn't even really that suprised when I heard that Nestlé Fitness were unveiling a bra that tweets. Yes I said it, a bra that can send tweets!
October is the month where awareness is being raised as to why it is so important to be visual and routine in breast examinations. Although important, some women (like myself) forget all about it. it is so easy to get snowed under, you only have to look at my to-do list to work that one out...

Did you ladies know that we should really set aside one date out of each month to perform a breast examination!?

Whilst  I am the first to agree that it is so easy to let our everyday lives get in the way of this, it will come as no suprise to anyone reading this, that regardless as to how busy I am. I always managed to check my social media platforms throughout the day. 

This is why Nestlé Fitness has come up with their rather unique bra. A bra that combines the best of both worlds to raise awareness for breast cancer: The Tweeting Bra. 

This is the very first bra of it's kind, and can really send tweets.

Nestlé Fitness have teamed up with Greek celebrity Maria Bakodimou, and each time she unhooks the bra, a signal is sent to the phone with the designated @TweetingBra account and a tweet is posted to remind their followers about the monthly self-exam. 

So now the likes of you and I have no excuse to set a monthly date with ourselves.

But it does leave me thinking... What ever next!?

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Nestle Fitness

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  1. we're trying a new way of eating, too....the paleo diet and so far so good.

    he wants to drop a few pounds and i want to feel bloating, no headaches, no joint pain....and this is our start.

    no dairy is so hard and no sugar has been easier than i thought it would be. not eating crackers or chips....i like crunchy things....has been hard, but they've been replaced with seeds and nuts.

    so here's to feeling better :)
    thanks for sharing !!! syeda basri


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