Wednesday 27 November 2013

A New Family Tradition

It would seem that having a Advent Calendar is a Christmas time tradition that I have never really outgrown. Year in year out, I treat myself to a chocolate calendar from one of the leading chocolatiers.

For Leo’s first Christmas’s we even got him his own Chocolate calendar and I may have cheekily eaten the contents. But we wanted to include Leo in everything that was going on, even if he didn’t get to indulge in the eating side of things…

Now Leo is that bit older and he is starting to see Christmas in all of it’s magic through those child eyes of his, I have stepped up advent this year and implemented a new yule tide tradition that will grow with Leo.

Instead of the bog standard Advent Calendar we have upgraded to a wooden Accs Advent House. The house is festively decorated and has 24 draws that you can fill with whatever you like. So if you are against kid’s having chocolate in their calendar’s you could fill it with small toys or trinkets instead.

Now I am not against a little bit of chocolate in Leo’s Advent Calendar but I wanted our new Advent House to be a more of a treasure trove, rather than a big chocolate box. So I set myself thinking about what else could be hidden away inside these draws, awaiting discovery by my excited 2 year old.

The obvious first choice for me was chocolate coins, because every Advent Calendar needs a little bit hidden away inside. So I purchased a few packs of gold coins and slid them into each draw, and set myself thinking about what else could be tucked away inside.

Then an idea formed while out and about shopping (I may have stored one of the draws in my pocket so I could get an idea of size...). Christmas decorations, Winnie the Pooh and friends Christmas decorations. On some days Leo will pull out a shiny gold coin, and on others he will also receive a special tree decoration that he can personally come and put on his Christmas Tree.

I really liked this idea, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting the pieces together for Leo's very special Advent House. It is going to be something I can do each year for him, each year with different contents and gifts. 

A new family tradition has been born. 

If you were thinking of doing something a little different this year and like the sound of our Accs Advent House, you can purchase them from for £19.95.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Accs Advent house for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions are my own.


  1. What a lovely advent Calendar, can I ask where did you get the Winnie the pooh decorations from please, my son would love them. x

    1. The decorations were from a local Christmas shop. I am sure you could find them online though :)


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