Saturday 14 July 2012

Crocs Adrina Flat II Pump's Review

Over the past few weeks I have been putting some new shoes to the test.

I know... I know...It's a hard job! 
But someone has to do it!

These new shoes are a pair of Crocs, a brand that I have heard great things about over the years but never personally slipped onto my feet. 

If I am totally honest I have to say that I never considered a original pair of Crocs as they were not my cup of tea, but that all changed recently upon my visit to Britmums Live.

I was lucky enough to find One of the hidden Crocs mascot's, that had been hidden around the building. I took my winning mascot along to meet the Crocs team and they very kindly let me choose a pair of shiny new Crocs to road test.

I was balled over by how the selection had grown and the different styles that were now available. They all looked great. There were Summer shoes with closed toe and open toe styles and even Wellington Boots in the most fabulous colours. 

I picked a pair of Aqua Blue Adrina Flat II Pump's out of the many lovely shoes they were show casing. I took off my current pair of shoes and slipped on my shiny new Crocs, and I instantly felt my feet relax. 

I was instantly impressed and even commented on how with many shoes you do need to wear them in, before they even begin to feel comfortable. I did not find this the case with my Crocs. Once they were on my feet, that was that. They were worn in and arguably the most comfortable shoe I own. 

What do Crocs Say?

Adriana Flat II Pumps are inspired by a day at the beach. The Adrina Flat II has a breezy ventilated design that offers great breathability, a flexible fit and cool, comfortable style.

Ever since Britmums I have been living in my Crocs, rain or shine. These shoes really have been put to the test and are still here to tell the tale. They have been fabulous in the odd day of lovely sunshine and kept my feet aired and cool. They feature a capped toe with cut openings on the sides and upper shoe, allowing the breeze to get in and not bake your feet. 

I usually don material pumps that do not let your feet breath, and if by chance you get caught out in the rain in them, those shoes are never the same. They look worn out and tired and you may as well just throw them in the bin.  They seem to only be good for a few wears and after that you are off on a new shoe hunt for another pair of shoes that will more than likely go the same way...In the end. 

That is why I have been so impressed with Crocs, they don't need replacing every Five minutes due to getting caught in the rain, and they always look great. If you feel they could do with a little spruce, then it is more than acceptable to just give them a clean, and they are back to their former glory.

The Crocs footbed is compiled out of raised nubs that offer a sensation similar to a massage as you walk along. This is one of my favourite features about this pair of shoes, so not only do they fit perfectly from the very first day you slip them on, they also offer a more luxurious comfort while you go about your day to day business. 

The pumps are bright and colourful, and just look great. I loved that there were Two colours, the solid colour of the shoe and then a second colour for the footbed and the sole. 

They are available in a range of different colours to suit every taste:

- Black/black
- Hot Pink/Gold

What I will say about picking your size in these pumps is that Crocs don't come in half sizes. They tend to stretch on your foot to provide a more "custom" fit. I strongly recommend that you size down and allow the shoe to stretch a bit when you first get it. If you find they are a little tight, you can always stretch it with your hands (it's really durable, and the plastic won't break unless you're a more than enthusiastic.

Crocs recommend that if you are shopping for a ½ size that you order down to the next smallest whole size. 

I am so impressed with the Adrina Flat II Pump's and I am wishing away this dull rainy weather, to provide me with the perfect excuse to carry on wearing them.  They are the perfect shoe for the beach and I would highly recommend them for the Summer months.

You can pick up a pair of  your own Adrina Flat II Pump's directly from Crocs for £34.99. 

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  1. My feet must be a lost cause. These flats gave me blisters and at the end of the day, I have lost all feeling on the right side of my left foot. And I'm sitting down most of the day :( Really like the colour though.


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