Monday 16 July 2012

Ella's Kitchen Dairy Range Review

Ella's Kitchen have a entire range of yummy meals to see you in from the very start of your weaning journey. Fruity purees and wholesome meals that are all entirely organic and completely tasty. Now Ella's Kitchen are branching out in the form of dairy, to give baby a alternative treat for after their main meals. 

The new dairy range has been carefully designed in order to help Mummy's and Daddy's like you and I, introduce dairy into the diet of our little one's. The new line up is based on what we as parent's have asked for, they are 100% organic and come in a variety of different choices:

All of the above lines are completely organic, they have nothing other than natural ingredients. This means they have:

- No added refined Sugar or Salt
- No concentrates or juices
- No E numbers or GM
- No Gluten
- Nothing artificial 

Leo has been lucky enough to give the new dairy range from Ella's Kitchen a taste test, so I wasted no time in grabbing a spoon and sitting him comfortably. We have set aside our usual brand of Fromage Frais for snacks and deserts in order to see what he thinks of this new range. 

And here is our review...

The dairy range starts at Stage 1 with the Smooth & Scrummy Fromage Frais , which is suitable from 6 months old. It is smooth in consistency and in a suitable sized pot. The smaller pot is ideal as it eliminates the risk of waste when baby has had his fill. 

The Fromage Frais contains real fruit puree and comes in a pack of 6 pots (RRP £1.89) in Two exotic flavours:

- Mango
- Banana

My personal favourite is the Banana flavour, I have also been tucking into the new range so I can taste what Leo is experiencing. 

The Teeny Creamy Rice Pudding is a Stage 2 follow on and is suitable from the age of 7 months old. The texture is lumpier to get babies used to potential lumps and chewing, and it also gives those new tooth pegs a run through the motions!

The pots are the perfect size for little hands, although I admittedly did not let Leo hold his portion due to the fact he loves to throw food across the room. For older toddlers however this would be a very welcome experience, that hopefully will not end in a food fight. 

My first impression when opening up the rice pudding was to try it myself. You can certainly smell the Vanilla aroma circulating, and this made me want to try it instantly. I found the aroma stronger than the actual taste but I was a instant fan of the Teeny Creamy Rice Pudding.

The Teeny Creamy Rice Pudding comes in a pack of 2 pots (RRP £1.09).

The Chilled Out Thick & Fruity Yoghurts are classed as a Stage 3 - Suitable from the age of 12 months plus. Ella's Kitchen describe them as 'For big little people who are starting to feed themselves' which I think is lovely. A little bit of positive motivation is always a great way to get them to finish their dinner.

The consistency is what you would expect from a yoghurt, fluffy and creamy, but offer's a thicker texture to other baby yoghurts currently on the market.

Chilled Out Thick & Fruity Yoghurts come in a pack of 4 (RRP 1.79) and in Two flavours:

- Strawberry & Pear
- Pineapple & Mango

Leo was not to sure about the Pineapple & Mango but did devour a pot of the Strawberry & Pear with complete and utter ease. 


Over the last couple of days Leo has been sampling a flavour out of each of the products in the dairy range. There have been some flavours he has got on with, and then other's that he has not but that all comes down to chalk and cheese, and different taste preferences. 

Leo tried all of them and his favourites were the:

- Banana Fromage Frais
- Mango Fromage Frais
- Strawberry & Pear Yoghurt

I really thought that Leo would enjoy the Rice Pudding, but unfortunately he would only accept a few spoon fulls before turning his nose up, in his usual 'I'm finished' fashion.  

I know that part of the reasoning behind Leo not taking to them as well as I initially thought he would is because the brand we usually use, use all of the naughty ingredients that Ella's Kitchen have not in the creation of their angelic range.

Due to the fact that ingredients such as added Sugars and concentrates have not been used in the making of this range, the flavours don't always come across as strongly as you may expect them too. I know this as this evening I have set up each flavour, and sat eating my way through each and every single One of them. So I can now tell you that out of all of them, the Teeny Creamy Rice Pudding with Vanilla is my favourite. It is exactly what it says - Vanilla and creamy! 

Despite my little man not loving each and every flavour out of this range, I can safely say that they are great value for money, and a great alternative to the other dairy lines in the chilled section. They are great for weaning babies onto dairy and also to slowly introduce new flavours without confusing their little taste buds. 

So next time you are looking to buy your baby a little after dinner treat, I highly recommend giving Ella's Kitchen dairylicious new products a try.

Laura & Leo

I was sent vouchers to purchase the Ella's Kitchen Dairy Range for the purpose of this review. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Ooo I love Ela's Kitchen and I love the look of those rice puddings! Although Leo's face is a picture!!x

  2. Leo was not to sure about the rice pudding. I was very surprised as I was sat munching one last night!
    Welcome back lovely xx


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