Friday 6 July 2012

Leo's First Shoes

On Monday I took Leo to get his feet measured. My reasoning for this was more out of curiosity, and I had a feeling deep down inside that Leo would soon be taking to his Two feet, and walking for the very first time. 

We visited Clarks and I sat Leo down on a little stool. He sat there as good as gold and watched the lady put his feet into the device that would determine what size his little feet were. As it turns out Leo does not have such little feet after all, and the lady was very quick to tell me that they had no shoes in his size in stock.

Leo is currently a 4H and despite my searching online, I could not locate a single size for him. There was obviously no rush as at this moment in time, Leo was still yet to actually take off. Two day's later though...On Wednesday 4th July - Leo's expected due date from back in 2011. He suddenly started walking and has not looked back.

I wanted Leo to have a pair of shoes, just a light pair that he could wear in order to get used to them. I have very rarely put anything on Leo's feet. He had a pair of crawling shoes in soft leather but the amount of times he has worn anything other than socks (or tights!) are very rare occasions. 

So yesterday I took Leo back to Clarks and explained our predicament, and I was greeted by a very helpful lady who went out to the stock room with a range of shoes I had picked out, to double check whether or not they did have any in Leo's size. She returned with a 4H in a pair of Doodles, and began to fit them to Leo's feet. 

Leo was so well behaved and just watched her every movement like a hawk. What was she doing? What were these alien objects being fitted to my feet? I was asked to stand him up so she could do them up more easily, and with this Leo started tapping his foot up and down, testing out his new shoes. Maybe sitting him down would have been the easier option...?

Once Leo had his shoes on, he began to parade them around the shop and really putting them to the test. He looked so pleased with himself, and I felt a really proud Mummy moment creeping up on me. 

The lady proceeded to get her camera and take a photo of Leo and his very first pair of shoes. 

Unfortunately there was a young girl running around the shop and as soon as she saw the lady trying to photograph Leo, she ran up right in front of the camera and asked if the lady would take her photo instead. We explained that this was Leo's very first pair of shoes and it was a very special photograph that we wanted as a keep sake, but the young girl persisted. 

It got to the point that Leo was trying his hardest to avoid her, and even hid behind my legs for the very first time!

We eventually manged to get a gorgeous photograph of just Leo walking around in his shoes. A photograph that I am going to treasure forever. 

Leo's first shoes are a pair of Doodles. They are lovely and soft on his feet and fit him perfectly. They can even be machine washed which is a added bonus!

I found the Clarks experience for Leo's first shoes brilliant. Not only did they take a photo of Leo's first shoe experience and place it in a special little wallet, but they also provided us with a lovely growth chart and little reminder for his next measurement in 6-8 weeks time.

When did you take your little one for their first shoes and what was your experience like?



  1. They look gorgeous, can't wait to get Dylan's first fitted shoes!

    1. It is so exciting and such a memorable experience! Although it will leave your wallet feeling lighter!! Xx

  2. Aw my baby boy! He is so grown up!

  3. They look adorable, very good choice for his first pair. I loved getting Mads and had a great experience. Mads is only a 4 now, so he is obviously going to be a good little boy and have big feet. ;) x

    1. Thanks Katie, wow Mad's has tiny feet! I was so shocked when I was told his little feet were not so little! Although he is a chunky monkey so I should not be too surprised!


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