Tuesday 10 July 2012

Huggies Superdry with Dry Lock Review

Being Mummy to a 1 year old, nappies are a big and very important factor in our lives. We rely on them to contain all sorts of the not so pleasant aspects of being a parent. So when a nappy fails, it can be a highly embarrassing scenario. 

Us Mummy's need nappies we can rely on!

When Leo was a newborn I tried many different nappies, and finally settled on one brand and to this day we have stayed loyal. However...Leo and I have been sent the new Huggies Superdry nappies for the purpose of a review, so we have put aside our usual brand and put our full attention on Huggies.

Super Dry have been completely revamped and were launched earlier this year. They were introduced to the public with a very popular campaign, where we first met the adorable Alfie and Evie, who were very impressed with the new nappies, and how they contained any un-expected surprises! You may be as surprised as I was to learn that Alfie has gone on to setting up his very own Twitter account! You can Tweet him directly right here.

 The newly revamped nappies include a very special Dry Lock feature. This new feature is a great step forward and works exceptionally hard to combat leaks. The absorbent core is designed to provide 12 hours protection, which is perfect for those of us with babies who sleep through! Sadly...That is not the case with Leo.

The nappies are produced with super breathable materials with a stretchy soft waistband. Huggies have improved the leg elastics and flaps, making the Super Dry nappy a very comfortable, body hugging fit. The core of the nappy has been designed to keep any moisture away from our little one's soft, sensitive skin, and there for preventing any rashes that may rear their ugly heads.
One of the most important features of a nappy is obviously its absorbency. Since using these nappies we have been able to go longer without a nappy change. I have found them a great alternative to our usual brand and love that Leo can go through the night in one nappy. There have been instances in the past where Leo has awoken in the middle of the night and been sodden, this of course has resulted in a new nappy, baby grow and bedding set.
Leo and I are avid Winnie the Pooh fans, and where there is a Disney character I am always impressed. The Super Dry nappies are endorsed with Winnie the Pooh, I have to admit this is a lovely feature and may even make nappy times easier in the future, when I can get Leo to marvel at the pictures.
Putting Leo into his new nappy and getting him to toddle around in them, they fit beautifully. The sticky bands are soft and stretchy and easy to do up, and above all else they were comfortable on my little man.
Huggies Super Dry with Dry Lock are available in sizes 3 to 6 and retail at around £5.00 for a pack of 28 nappies, and £9.00 for a big pack of 63 nappies.
What do Huggies have to say?
Huggies® Super dry nappies have a special super stretchy waistband and breathable outer layer, making sure your little explorer stays dry and comfortable... meaning he can concentrate on his next exciting discovery, whatever it may be!

What do Leo and I think?
Leo and I have found the new Huggies Superdry - Great! 
They have kept leaks at bay and also offered Leo a comfortable experience, and after all... that is all you can ask for in a good nappy, right!?

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