Friday 6 July 2012

The Yoomi Bottle Review

I have been very lucky with Leo in the respect that he has always taken his formula milk at room temperature, and I have never had to faff around with warming his bottles on the move. I have however watched parent's who's babies do insist on having their bottles warmed, and I have witnessed first hand the trials and tribulations that follow in this instance.

Parent's having to carry around flasks of hot water in their changing bags or having to ask for boiling water while they are out and about, of course then have to wait around for the water to cool, so they can make sure that they the water is at a safe temperature before attempting to feed their screaming baby.

I always counted my lucky stars that Leo and I never had to cross that bridge.

Now Leo is One we have put our formula buying days behind us, and moved on to full fat Cow's milk. Leo has taken to the new milk with no reservations at all, but the only dilemma with the Cow's milk is that it comes directly out of the fridge.

Leo does not like this at all and we have had to put his bottle in the microwave for 40 seconds, give it a good old shake and then make sure that there are no hot patches that could potentially burn his mouth. This has added extra time for Leo to rival himself up for his night feed, as by the time I have got downstairs, poured the milk into his bottle, and zapped it in the microwave, I have one very hysterical little man on my hands.

It was around this time I became aware of Yoomi - The Self Warming Bottle

Who are Yoomi?

Yoomi are parent's Jim and Farrah, their very own personal experiences with the warming of bottles under stressful circumstances while out and about, and during those twilight hours made them put their heads together and dream up the Yoomi Bottle.

Jim with his engineering skills and Farrah with her divine inspiration worked as a team, and took on expert advice. With help from friends and family they developed their idea into the product we see before us today, the Yoomi Self Warming Bottle.

The Yoomi Concept

The Yoomie Bottle contains a unique warmer that is activated by pressing the orange button. This triggers the internal solution to warm the unit in just 60 seconds.

The cold milk is gently warmed as it flows through the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer. By the time the feed reaches the teat it is at natural breast milk temperature (32-34 degrees C). The warmer will continue to warm the milk as it passes through the channels for up to an hour.

What do we think?

I instantly fell in love with the concept and I was very intrigued to put their clever theory into practise.We have been lucky enough to be sent a 8oz Bottle Feeding set to review.

In the 8oz Feeding Set you will find:
- 1 x 8oz Feeding bottle
- 1 x Yoomi Warmer
- 1 x Yoomi Pod
- 1 x Medium Flow Teat

The Yoomie Feeding Set arrived in a lovely box with full instructions on how to get up and running, and even a very gorgeous Warm Within Lamb. This Lamb can be popped in the microwave and used as a hot water bottle, while taking in the refreshing aroma of Lavender... Bliss! (Note: The Lamb is not included in the 8oz Feeding Set)

The Bottle is a great size and I thought back to the days where I was trying to squeeze 8 scoops of formula into my current bottles, and not being able to fit it all in without shaking it and trying again...I certainly would not have this problem with a Yoomi. The Bottle is lovely and chunky and looks very stylish. 

I was very impressed with the teat and how nipple like it actually was. The Yoomi would make the perfect bottle for those who wish to combination feed. The teat features a anti colic vent system which just makes the bottle even more attractive.

I was really looking forward to getting the bottle prepared to try with Leo. I got it all washed and sterilised (Yes I am still sterilising even though Leo is now One) and intended to use it for Leo's bedtime feed. 

Firstly I had to work out how to charge the warmer. This needs to be done prior to each feed and despite me thinking I had followed the instructions to the letter, it left me scratching my head when I discovered the charge had failed. Upon re-reading and realising that I actually had not been as thorough with my reading as I first thought, I successfully charged my Yoomi Warmer. 

The tricky bit with the re-charging is having to leave it to cool on it's side for 75 minutes, or in water for 20 minutes before using it.

To charge the Yoomi Warmer you first need to place the Warmer in the Yoomi Pod. The Yoomi Pod is then placed into the microwave. The instructions detail the time duration dependent on the voltage of your microwave. I placed the Pod in for 1 minute and then removed it and shook it for 30 seconds as instructed before placing it back in the microwave for 30 seconds and finally shaking it for another 30 seconds.

You will know whether the charge has been successful if you hear what sounds like a ball rattling up and down. If the Warmer sounds slushy then you need to cool it back down to avoid over cooking it, and try again. There are occasions where you need to train the warmer, but we did not experience this problem. 

I found the charging very simple once I had grasped the concept of what I needed to do in order to charge it.

Each Warmer has around 150 charges, and once it is charged it will stay that way until you decide to use it. 

Once the warmer is charged you are ready to rock and roll. I pieced the bottle back together putting the warmer in the top of the bottle and proceeded to press the Orange button. The Warmer began to warm up and I prepared to trial it with Leo.

Leo took the teat in his mouth and took a few mouthfuls, before looking directly at me and spitting it back out again. It was as if he was telling me he knew that this was not his usual bottle. I attempted to persevere with Leo and the Yoomi bottle, but my stubborn little man had decided that we would not make any bottle changes at this late stage in our journey. 

I tried again for the night feed but I was met with the same response, and again the next day on all occasions. This is completely because he is so accustomed with the bottles that we have used since we decided breastfeeding was not for us. It was such a shame as the Yoomi bottles are fantastic and the warmer is a brilliant feature.

There is no chance of the feed becoming over heated and scolding baby's mouth, and it delivers the milk at the perfect temperature, the way milk is delivered to our babies through the natural art of breastfeeding. I am sure that if I had introduced the Yoomi to Leo at the very start of our bottle feeding journey, we would have had no issue with him not taking to it.  

I highly recommend the Yoomi concept to all expectant parents and parent's with small children, especially those families who wish to combination feed. 

I personally love the Yoomi Warming System and would certainly try it with my next baby. I will be keeping this bottle extra specially safe for baby number Two in the next few years, as I would love to attempt breastfeeding again, eventually combing a bottle in with this. 

You can purchase your very own Yoomi 8oz Feeding Set for £23.50.

If you want more information on the Yoomi Warming System and how it works, you can view the details here.

If you fancy your chances of giving the Yoomi a go with your little one, then make sure you check out our great giveaway to get your hands on your very own Feeding Set.


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