Sunday 22 July 2012

What happens when you give your One year old an ice cream cone?

Leo's God-daddy's family run a very successful Pizzeria and Ice Cream Parlour in our local town. Saying it is good just does not do it enough justice, and Leo has discovered from a early age that home made ice cream is indeed...Very yummy! 

So yesterday on one of our visits, he was given his very own ice cream cone with a little bit of home made ice cream all of his own. He has been given these special treats in the past but usually smacks them around on the table before, ensuring all of the ice cream is suitably melted and all over the place. Finally proceeding to throw it to the floor in one splattered mess. 

This time however he proceeded to munch the whole lot. 

Thoroughly enjoying every little bit. 

So this is what happens when you give your One year old his own ice cream cone...

 As you can see Leo decided to use his ice cream cone to style his hair. Leo was one very sticky little man after indulging, but it was safe to say he had enjoyed himself.

 It was straight home for a bath and hair wash after his latest taste adventure!


  1. I gave Dyls a bit of soft ice cream at the park today but we stuck to the spoon as we have similar hair styling usually!

    1. A spoon sounds like a good idea! Although Leo did love the experience! x

  2. Looks like he had a great time!

  3. He looks like he is enjoying it! x


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