Tuesday 17 July 2012

First Adventures, Cake & Growing Up...

This weekend has seen Leo take on new adventures for the very First time. Being One he is still experiencing the weird and wonderful ways of the world, and the smallest most every day experiences fascinates him. 


On Thursday the sunshine broke through the dull Gray cloud that has been hovering over our Summer, and I took the opportunity to take Leo out in his new shoes to bask in it. The rain had all but dried up and it finally looked like a proper Summer's day. 


I stood Leo up and off he went, staring at his feet going one in front of the other. He soon became aware of his shadow on the ground and sat down for a closer inspection. Complete curiosity as his shadow follows him around, changing shape with every movement that he makes. 

This was Leo's first walk around our front garden. He has always loved being outside and now he can walk I know that he is going to have even more adventures.

After the garden being such a huge hit, Daddy and I took Leo to explore our local park on his new found feet. Every couple of steps he would stop and take in the picturesque setting, just standing there taking it all in, before moving along once more and stopping by a shrub or bush to admire the green leaves. 

We walked Leo along holding our hands and he was loving every moment, and particularly loved being by our side as we fed the ducks while all holding hands. Admittedly if I let go of Leo's hand for a single moment he would jump straight onto a Duck's back and swim out of sight. I made sure I held very, very tightly.

I think the time has come to look into a mean's of reigns or a special back pack with built in reigns...Before Leo manages to get the better of me.

Leo's little friends are now all turning One. They are all becoming toddlers in front of my eyes.

This weekend saw Two of Leo's play mates hit the land mark age, and we have even attended Leo's very First birthday party at the local leisure centre. It was a lovely day and all the little people had the most amazing time. A room had been rented along with Two bouncy castles, One even complete with a slide. Leo wasted no time in throwing himself down head first, with Daddy expectantly waiting at the bottom to catch him. 

There was birthday cake and even party hats, that we wasted no time in placing pride of place on Leo's head. Now he was truly ready to party in style. 

Leo played around with the other babies and bigger kid's, and when one child tried to take his balloon away, Leo did no less than growl at him. This is Leo's answer for everything at the moment and I know this has come from me. When I get frustrated I have been known to 'Grrr' which Leo has now picked up on!

This weekend has truly been full of First Adventures, lots of cake and a true sign that my little man is growing up. 

How were your weekends?



  1. Awww, that picture of him smiling on his way down the slide is so cute.
    It's such a nice time as the start toddling and really exploring the world. X

    1. I do love that photo of him. He is really loving how he can walk around and it gives him a whole new perceptive :-) xx


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