Thursday 26 July 2012

The Cosatto Yo! Pear Drop Review

Cosatto are well known for their brightly coloured pushchairs with plenty of personality. Cosatto refer to this as their trademark quirkiness and I have to say that I am inclined to agree with them.

I have always loved the Cosatto designs, so when I was presented with the opportunity to put the new Cosatto Yo! to the test, I was more than a little excited. In fact when the new stroller was dropped off with me late last week I could not wait to get it out and take a look at it in the flesh.

Leo and I have been sent the new Yo! Pear Drop to put through it's paces, so while Leo was napping I seized the opportunity to put it together.

The first thing that struck me about the Pear Drop was the gorgeous bright green colouring. It is lovely and a great colour for the Summer (which has finally arrived!) It really does stand out from the crowd. I would be lying if I said I did not get some admiring glances and double takes while pushing this little number around the shops. In fact one lady even went as far as to whisper to her friend 'That is the stroller that I want!'

The Yo! Pear Drop Specification - 
The Techy bit...Before the exciting bit!

- Weight: 7kg
- Size: L: 72cm W: 44cm H: 98cm
- Folded size: L: 116cm W: 30cm H: 34cm
- Handle height: 100cm
- Suitable from birth
- Suitable for children up to 15kg

What's in the box?

Cosatto are so very generous with the accessories that come with their strollers and the Yo! Pear Drop is no exception. 

In the box you will find:

- Footmuff.
- Raincover.
- Shopping basket.
- Detachable hood.
- Chest pads.
- Head hugger.
- Aluminium chassis.

Cosatto provide you with the whole package when you purchase a pushchair from them. I think this is great as with other brands you often have to purchase the extra's at an additional cost to yourself. Having it all provided in the box gives you the added peace of mind that you have everything you need, which is always reassuring especially if you are on a budget or are not really sure what you may need. 

The Cosatto Yo! Pear Drop has it all!

So is it easy to put together?

For the first time ever I can say yes. Putting the Yo! together is a complete breeze.

I had a flick through the instructions before giving my full attention to our new set of wheels, and within 5 minutes it was all set up and ready to go. The Yo! does not take long to assemble at all and I have to say that out of all of the pushchairs I have had the pleasure of putting together, this is by far the easiest. I simply had to pop each of the wheels onto the chassis, attach the hood and viola - we were ready to head out into the beautiful sunshine that seemed to shine just for us and our shiny new stroller.

The Yo! Pear Drop as the name suggests is entirely themed around the very tasty fruit. It really does look great. It is bright Green and completely delicious. The frame is Aluminium and brushed Silver complimented by a partial black frame. Sitting on top of the frame is the seat unit in the head turning Green and the fruity Pear pattern. 

It takes a matter of seconds to unfold this stroller and is just as simple to put away. When the Yo! is up and ready to go it is incredibly sturdy. I have had other umbrella folds in the past, that I have spent much more money on only to find that they are not very strong. In fact there have been occasions where I thought that lifting it up a curb may result in the frame snapping. This has never happened but not having to worry about picking the Yo! up and down curbs is a real bonus. It is completely solid.

I am a fan of simple, straight forward pushchairs as I am one of those Mummy's you see in the car park trying to put the pushchair back down to fold away in the boot, but just can't seem to find the right button to collapse it. This is not the case with the Yo! It could not be any more simple. 

When folded it is quite long but it fits with plenty of room in the boot of my 206. However if you are in need of more space then you can always pop off the front wheels, and this should allow you to position it perfectly in the boot of your car. 

The Yo! Pear Drop has a fully lined hood that has a UPF of 50+ which has been great in this sunshine. There is a very handy peek a book window which I found brilliant. It allowed me to see exactly what Leo was doing at all times, and we even played a little game of peek a boo, which Leo absolutely loved. 

Now after Leo and I have been putting the Yo! through it's paces I am pleased to report that it has really done us proud. We have been to the park in it, and gone over the field with no problem at all. We have fed the ducks by the river and tested out those all important breaks. They are very simple to pop on with your foot and when on, it is not going anywhere! Which put my mind at ease considering we were pretty close to the river!

We have turned many a head pushing this little beauty down the street, and I know I should now rejoice in their pram envy, but part of me has to anyway. 

I mean look at it!

I have been referring to the Yo! Pear Drop as Leo's First 'Big Boy stroller' and this is because it is the very first and only stroller I have ever owned that does not have the option of facing me. But at 1 whole year old (and a couple of weeks) I think it is high time I let him graduate from facing me and let him look out into the exciting world around him. And guess what! He loves it. 

The Yo! allows Leo to sit completely up right and stare out at everything and everyone that passes by. It steers so smoothly and is sturdy without being heavy. Leo squeals with delight when something catches his eye and is completely safe in the fantastic seat unit that features a chunky 5 point harness. 

The harness can be easily adjusted to one of three different height settings as I discovered when altering the straps for Leo. The seat combines a solid back and a very simple recline/incline with the use of straps that can be tightened and released by a simple clip. When Leo has fallen asleep it is so simple to adjust the Yo! into a recline so he can have his full sleep out.

The Yo! Pear Drop comes with it's very own stylish cosy toes as I mentioned earlier. We are yet to put it into use due to this glorious weather, but I have to say that not only does it look great but it is so very soft and fleecy on the inside and waterproof on the outside! Leo does not always keep his hands in his cosy toes (I discovered this over the winter) and Cosatto have added a very clever kangaroo pocket for those little hands on a cold day. It means Leo will get his own way and have his hands outside, but has the opportunity to hide them away too.

The cosy toes can also be unzipped, leaving the bottom panel which can be used as a reversible seat liner. There is a very fruity pear fabric on one side and a green fleece material on the other, which means you can choose whichever side of the liner that takes your fancy! My favorite side is the Pear as it just looks great and carries on the style of the Yo! The seat liner provides an extra layer of padding to the seat adding additional comfort for little bodies, that can be used throughout the summer, making those little naps that little bit more dreamy.

I have a question for you all. Who of you have ever been caught in a completely un-expected down pour, and reached into your basket to find you have neglected to pack your rain cover? I know I have. So what if I was to tell you that Cosatto have covered this all important base4 by the means of the incredible rain cover bag, that attaches to a special hook by the handle? Because that is exactly what they have done. This bag comes colour coded with the rest of the stroller in the same vibrant green and means you will never forget your rain cover again! 

Now for my all time favourite feature....*drum roll* please!

The Yo! features the most impressive shopping basket I have ever had the pleasure of filling up! It is easily accessible and has a very generous sized basket. I have been taking all of Leo's nappies, drinks and food out in the bottom, which means I don't need a changing bag. This is great as I don't like hanging my bag over the handle bars.

What do Leo and I think over all?

I have found the Cosatto Yo! Pear Drop absolutely fantastic. We have been going everywhere in it, Leo has a comfortable ride and I find it a joy to push around. The padded handles make it soft and easy to grip and the swivel front wheels make it so easy to manoeuvre.

I have not found it easy to push around one handed due to the Two separate handles, but other than this one point I cannot fault this very attractive stroller. 

The Yo! is priced around £220.00 and can be purchased from Mothercare, Boots, Argos and many other online stores. The Yo! Comes in 3 very delicious fruity flavours, demonstrating that their truly is a Yo! for everyone:

- Toffee Apple
- Pear Drop
- Cherry Pop

For a full list of stockists please visit the Cosatto website.

I give the new Cosatto Yo! a big thumbs up in performance and cosmetic style. Cosatto have succeeded again in a good looking stroller that truly has a big personality.  

Before you go, why not take a look at our adventure with the very yummy Cosatto Yo! Pear Drop!?

Disclaimer: Leo and I were kindly send a Cosatto Pear Drop for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions are honest and my own. 
We are thoroughly enjoying the Yo! 

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