Wednesday 18 July 2012

The MAM Baby Dipper Set Review

Leo has always loved food and he has found the whole introduction to solids a great adventure. From around 6 months old we introduced finger foods like toast and chopped up fruit. Now though he is at the age where he is wanting to attempt the whole feeding process himself, and Mummy spoon feeding him is not good enough any longer.

We usually hand Leo a spoon when we are feeding him his breakfast or dinner so he can learn to hold culturally and give him the opportunity to feed himself. Evidently the food does not stay on the spoon, so by the time Leo has smacked the spoon around the bowl and got it to his mouth, what was once there has fallen off on the wobbly journey to his awaiting tongue.

MAM Baby have kindly sent Leo their Dipper Set to try out and Leo has thoroughly enjoyed using them during meal times. 

The Dipper Set comes in a pair including a rounded spoon like dipper and a rounded fork like dipper. They each have rigid surfaces in order to encourage food to stick to it, which is great in the early days of babies self feeding. 

There is a safety shield around the fork and the spoon to prevent the baby from pushing the dipper to far into their mouth, which I was very pleased with.

Leo found each of the dippers very easy to hold and the perfect size. They are not to big and allow Leo to do is usual smacking around the bowl, but the dippers allow the food to stick to the rigid surface, which then even survive Leo's wobbly hand attempt to his mouth. Leo then receives the satisfaction of feeding himself. 

The food reaches the goal!

The MAM Dipper Set are a great way to safely teach little ones how to feed themselves, and to join in mealtimes with the rest of the family. It gives baby the control they so desire and judging by Leo's little face lighting up when he successfully fed himself, it creates a real sense of achievement.

Babies watch us performing basic tasks on a daily basis, and they have a natural desire to mimic our behaviour. Giving them the instruments to do this safely allows them to gain their own independence and really helps their self confidence grow.

The MAM Dipper Set is available to buy from Mothercare, Sainsbury's and other independant nursery and pharmacy outlets. You can also purchase directly from the MAM Online Shop.

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