Wednesday 18 July 2012

Zippy Suit Bandana Dribble Bib Review

Back in April Leo was sent a Zippy Suit to review and I told you all about how fantastic they were, while Leo posed happily for photos to demonstrate how much he was enjoying it. Now the founder of Zippy Suit Nicole Graham has had another great idea - Bandana Bibs.

If you have a teething baby then you will know exactly how dribbly they can be. You get them dressed and 5 minutes later they are completely sodden, and requiring another change of clothes. That is where Zippy Suit Bibs come in...

Zippy Suit Bibs come in four different colours and each in a starry design. 

They look great and are easily matched to babies outfits, most importantly though, they are a practical every day solution to keeping babies dry. 

The bibs have Two thick layers making them incredibly absorbent and eliminating the likelihood of our little monsters wetting through. The bibs are soft and comfortable with an adjustable neck fastening and they fit snugly in order to prevent dampness getting through and causing irritation.

Bandana Bib Features:

- Keeps babies/toddlers drier for longer than many other bibs

- Top layer is luxuriously soft, 100% cotton

- Underneath layer is super absorbent fleece (thicker than most bibs)

- Alternative popper fastenings so bib fits your baby/toddler as he/she grows (nickel free)

The bibs have been designed to go along side the fabulous Zippy Suit and are available in matching designs and colours. 

I usually use a standard Velcro bib with Leo, however he knows exactly how to simply tug it forward and un -do the fastening at the back. He will then look directly at me and throw it straight on to the floor in defiance. Since he has been wearing the Zippy Suit Bandana Bib he has not even attempted to touch it. It sits comfortably on him and I don't think he actually realises he is wearing a bib. 

It keeps Leo dry while he is donning it and that is all I can ask for, the fact that it looks great too is just an added bonus.

Zippy Suit Bandana Bibs are very reasonably priced at £3.75 each and can be purchased directly at the Zippy Suit website.  

This is a sponsored post


  1. Leo looking great, can't believe he's turning 1 already!
    We're thrilled you've found your Zippy Suit bib useful & many thanks for reviewing it.
    Keep in touch,

  2. Thanks Nicole. I know it is very scary. I now have a toddler!
    It was our pleasure and thank you for the opportunity x

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