Friday 20 July 2012

When 'No' Makes You Cry

Just this evening Leo you awoke for the second time since I put you to bed. 

Your cheeks were all Red and you were feeling warm to the touch. I offered you milk and you shook your head to let me know this was not what you wanted.

I carried you downstairs thinking your teeth were the culprits in this scenario. I measured out the Calpol and offered it to you, where I was met with the same shake of the head. A firm no in your own special way. It was then Leo that you swiped your hands in a deliberate motion to knock the spoon away and out of my hands, resulting in the sticky calpol going all over your clean baby grow.

I looked you straight in the eyes and calmly said 'No, that's naughty' and for the first time ever in the history of me telling you 'No', your bottom lip quivered and you began to cry. A very different cry to your usual temper tantrums. It was a sad cry that really made me feel terrible. 

Guilty and Sorry.

I don't know what I said differently tonight that made you react like I had said the most hurtful things in the world, but you certainly did not like being told 'No'.

I said what I said firmly but I was not angry bubba. I did not really mind changing your baby grow after I had given you the biggest hug in the world, while stroking your beautiful face and kissing your little nose. 

I did not mind at all. 

I calmed you down and kept you close, and after calming you down and sitting quietly for a little while you did take your Calpol and had a bit more milk. There was no more shakes of your cheeky head tonight, and then you let me give you one more good night kiss before tucking you back into bed.

You then rolled over and snuggled into your favourite blankie and closing your eyes once more.

Goodnight baby boy.

I love you.

P.S - Will you be popping through a Fifth tooth any time soon? You may need some more at almost 13 months old. Let me know if I can help in any way.



  1. Dylan's fifth came through today after a few bad days of teething but he has a cold now so still not too happy! Hope Leo gets his soon x

  2. Leo's fifth has just come through today! Aw poor bubba. xx

  3. Bless him, teething is horrible! Those cries are horrible, and they do make you feel guilty but you have to be firm as a Mummy. xx

    1. Teething is defiantly giving us some not so great moments but it has finally popped through!


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