Friday 13 July 2012

Leo's Little Lady

Leo has known his little lady for almost a year now.

There is exactly 19 days between their days of birth,
and looking at them now it is hard to believe.

They have grown together and learnt together, 
and now they happily play together.

They share kisses and innocent secrets.

They communicate in their own special way, just for them to comprehend.
What they say a complete utter mystery to everyone but them.

Taking in the sights and sounds on a adventure to the park,
toddling around on their new found feet.

Peering at the football being kicked back and forth by Two young boys,
eagerly anticipating to get their little hands on it.

Running away from their Mummy's,
 as we both try to keep up with their ecstatic bursts of energy.

A young friendship blossoming as they learn the beautiful ways of the world.


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