Saturday 14 July 2012


I have a video to share with you, but firstly I must explain something...

It must seem that my little man lives his day to day life in his nappies alone, but I do solemnly swear that he does indeed begin his day in full attire. 

With this funny weather we have been having, you know the horrid rain with high humidity...He just seems to bake in the sensible outfit choice I picked out for the dreary day ahead. 

Thus resulting in him being stripped down to his nappy to have a run around. 

Leo has been walking for just over a week now, and it was apparent even before he was walking that he had a love for kicking balls when ever he could, footballs, tennis balls or even his play pitt balls. Leo enlisted our hands so he could could strut his stuff around the room, or outside on the grass.

Now he is on his own Two feet, he no longer needs us to walk him around. Leo is more than happy to do it all himself. So big, and independent that on the very day he started walking - Wednesday July 4th 2012 we managed to shoot this video of him heading off to score a goal!

It looks as though we may have a very eager footballer on our hands in the future!

So keep your eyes pealed, as this is Leo's first kick of the ball - he may be on your television screens in the not so distant future!


  1. How cute- who knows we may have the next Beckham in the making! x

    1. Who knows!? I get the feeling he is going to love sport! x


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