Tuesday 3 July 2012

Memorable Family Moments

I have treasured every single day since Leo was born. Every little breath he takes and every little smile, laugh and tear drop. They are all part of the wonderful being that is my baby boy.

Leo is at such a great age now, where he can play games, tease you and be the cheekiest little monkey that ever was. I love watching him push his boundaries that little bit further each time.

When you say 'No' he knows exactly what you mean but looks you straight in the eyes, they sparkle as innocence creeps across his face, and then defiance glares right out at you like a little devil making his territory known. After that flash of red, Leo carries on anyway and smiles his dashing smile at you while he is testing how far you will let him go.

We have had a couple of instances of late:

- Pressing all the manual buttons on the side of the television, before pulling the screen forward and almost letting it plummet to the floor. He thinks it is hilarious to see me dart forward to remove him from the stand. As soon as the little monster has been told 'No' and moved to the opposite end of the room, he just crawls at lightening speed back over again which means Repeating the above process...AGAIN, and AGAIN!

- Drinking bath water and waiting for my reaction has become one of his firm favourites. He pushes his head down and opens his mouth ready to take a big mouthful of bath water while looking up at me to see what I may do. My initial reaction was to quickly stop him and sit him back up, of course because I gave him the desired reaction, he thinks that makes his new trick the best thing since sliced bread! Each bath time now see's him giving me the run around and thoroughly enjoying himself when I suddenly say 'No'!

Just this last night I caught him putting something off the floor into his mouth. I quickly fished around and found a piece of leaf that the vacuum cleaner had missed. Yet again he saw the funny side of my frantic rush to retrieve the alien object from his mouth. Leo quickly crawled away and put it back into his mouth again. I was on form and pulled it back out and removed it for good, while leaving a mischievous Leo giggling at me once again!

I had the most amazing day with my little man yesterday. We did not do anything out of the ordinary and because of the weather we just spent some quality time together. We played games and we laughed - a lot! Leo sat on my lap pulling at my top awaiting my shocked reaction, and when that reaction was given, Leo roared with laughter. A real belly laugh. Then he decided to poke his fingers in my mouth for me to nibble, once was just not good enough and he soon had me repeating the nibbles until he moved onto the next game.  This game was pressing his entire face right up against mine and sharing all of his dribble and unfortunately for me, his runny nose. I was laughing to much to even care, and there was no consoling Leo with all of the laughter that was pouring out of him. 

I cooked a special dinner for Daddy and Leo last night, A recipe that I heard about at the Plum Cookery school a few weeks ago. The dish is Maltese and goes by the name of Ros-Fil-Forn - it is essentially a rice and mince dish with a very yummy difference. Luke and Leo both tucked in and enjoyed every mouthful. Leo fisted handfuls into his mouth, really getting to know the dish and had even sat in his booster chair by the stove with me while I cooked it up. He really loves watching all the flames and I think I may have a little budding chef on my hands!

As we sat down to eat our dinner as a family of Three, Luke realised that our little monster was taking the mick. Luke had sore eyes last night and was compensating by blinking his eyes and keeping them closed for a few seconds. Leo must have been watching his Daddy very closely...As Leo decided that he was going to do this too. This really tickled me, and I love the fact that Leo was copying his Daddy, but also realising what he had to do in order to mimic exactly what Luke was doing. 

Leo knew he was being clever and has even done this again for me today.

Mimicking and copying people has become One of Leo's favorite pass times, he likes to open and close his mouth like a fish out of water and is picking up new words all the time. Just today while I was irresponsibly beeping the car horn and saying 'Beep Beep', just for a little smile of my boy, he repeated them right back at me!

Another milestone in my little Leo's life is his balance while on his feet. We are getting ever closer to walking and have even had the odd few steps on more than One occasion. I have a feeling that it may be the idea of kicking a ball that finally gets him up and walking on his own Two feet. Leo likes to hold One of your hands and walk along kicking his beach ball as he goes. He will follow it all around the room, and if he happens to fall down, he picks himself right back up again and carries on.

Leo's character has always been cheeky and mischievous, and as he gets older it just becomes more apparent and lovable. I love waking up each morning and wondering what he may do today, and what trouble he may land us both in. 

It is these kind of days I am going to really miss when I return to work and why I am going to be making the very most of the special time we have left together.The time I get to be a stay at home Mummy with her baby boy before having to trade in the Milk bottles and Muslin cloths for pretty heeled shoes and work attire.



  1. haha he sounds like a cheeky monkey! You will miss them when you go back but the days or weekends you spend with him will be even more special- I promise! x

    1. He is the cheekiest little monkey! Thanks lovely. I know you are right but it just seems like such a crazy thought to go out and leave him 5 days a week! xx

  2. He is so cheeky! Never ceases to put a smile on my face!


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