Monday 2 July 2012

The Olympic Torch

There is so much hype surrounding the Olympic Torch, which is currently travelling all over the United Kingdom. Yesterday....The torch arrived in the rural farming town where I happen to live. Up until then I had not even considered going along to catch a glimpse of the famous flames that seem to have captured the attention of the entire world.

At some point though my view changed, and I decided to embrace the Olympic Torch and the parade that was scheduled to come marching through the town centre. After all this was a once in a lifetime occurrence that would never ever happen again, not in my lifetime anyway. 

Leaving my change of heart until the very last minute, I had to quickly get myself and Leo ready. I placed Leo into his shiny Blue Smart Trike and off we sped down the road for the short walk into town. As we got closer we could see Blue flashing lights, this is where the Police had closed the road for the procession to come through. Leo got very excited by the lights and his excitement only grew as we got closer to the hustle and bustle of the crowds shouting and cheering in the hope of catching a glimpse of the famous torch.

Leo was giggling as he was pushed through, looking around and beaming from ear to ear, completely soaking up the electric atmosphere. There were people stood on benches and even bins, trying their luck to get the best view. 

We of course were running a little later than we should have been. Just as we got onto the street we saw the torch bobbling along in the hands of the chosen runner. We ran along on the pavement, Leo loving every moment and we finally caught up with the runner, as the torch changed hands and began to disappear from view again. 

The main point was that we did complete the mission objective. We did catch a glimpse of the torch. However the best bit of this experience for me was not seeing the famous torch, but about seeing the entire town gather in the very heart and listening to the excitement on everyone's lips. They were laughing, smiling and full of spirit. 

Leo reveled in the entire experience, a completely out of the ordinary, once in a lifetime experience. 


  1. This was such a lovely morning. So great to see Leo full of smiles and taking in the festivities.


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